The Golden World Story
Detroit Emeralds

The Detroit Emeralds perform "Show Time" at The Apollo Theater, Harlem in 1968; L-R Ivory, Abe and James
photograph courtesy Ivory & Cleofas Tilmon (special thanks to SisDetroit)

The Detroit Emeralds consisted of Abe Tilmon, Ivy (Ivory) Tilmon and James Mitchell, and came to prominence via "Show Time" which was released in March 1968 and achieved Pop #89, R&B #22.

The song was recorded at United Sound Systems, and was written and produced by Hamilton/Weems/Garrett, and arranged by Sonny Sanders.

The follow-up, "Shades down", was released in April and was written by Hamilton/Toney.

The Emeralds final Ric-Tic release came in July with "Take me the way I am" and they moved to Westbound in 1969.

Apparently they went on to own a bar in Detroit called the Emerald Lounge which showcased themselves and other artists such as Cody Black.

Two months after the Emeralds final release, the curtain came down on Ric-Tic when Berry bought out the remaining assets.

The Flaming Embers "Just like children" was the last throw of the dice in September 1968. Ric-Tic145.

Five years later the Golden World label would make a dramatic re-appearance with a 45 by the Modern Times but like most revivals the magic was gone.



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