The Golden World Story

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The clock probably stopped ticking on that fateful day in September '66, when Motown moved into their newly acquired Davison Avenue Facility (Studio B). 

It is pleasing to note, however, that it is now a collectors item which hangs proudly in a record shop on the outskirts of East Detroit.

Piecing the story of Golden World together has been so interesting. 

Over 120 45's, 3 albums, 65 artists/groups, dozens of songwriter/arrangers/producers, all made Golden World the cult it is today.

But most of all, two people were prepared to take the risks, Ed Wingate and Joanne Bratton.

I'll leave you with a fitting tribute from one who was there, Ms DeAnne James......

"Mr Wingate came to my house to sign contracts and meet my family in late 1964.

I lived in the heart of Detroit, on Lycaste street near Mack Avenue (near St. Jean). I remember that he laughed when he got there because he said that my neighbourhood was scarier than anything he had seen in a long time. I guess it really was the ghetto by that time. 

He was a classy man, and was always so nice to me. He said that he thought I was pretty. That always stayed with me.

Ed Wingate will always have a special place in my heart because he believed in me and my talent."

The End

Edwin Starr Rest In Peace.

This webisode is dedicated to the memory of Charles Edwin Hatcher, who passed on Wednesday, 2nd April, 2003.

Edwin's 45's, on the Ric-Tic label, gave us some of the most exciting music to be played on the Northern Soul scene.

For that, we are eternally grateful. 



Notes by David Meikle

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