The Golden World Story
Inaugural Release

Released 20th January 1962
label scan courtesy of Ian Walsh
In the next few months, Ed would visit a number of studios within Detroit, however he felt that they were lacking in professionalism.

Joanne recalls, "Correc-tone was one of the studios that Ed viewed before we built our own studio, but he could see that it was struggling. They had their own label but never really got off the ground."

It was obvious to Ed that he would have to go to New York to get the expertise he needed. The city was bustling and it's music industry in overdrive. Commuting was not a problem, they just flew back and forth to New York when required. 

Now that legal aspects were under control, Golden World Publishing and the Golden World label were born.

When I asked Joanne about the significance of the name Golden World, she replied, "It was just a name Ed liked, he thought that it had a nice ring to it".

For their first recording, Ed and Joanne employed George "Teacho" Wiltshire, a pianist, arranger and conductor who was highly respected in New York circles. It was clear that they had their mind set on quality from the start, all they needed now was to find the right product and the right artist.

Using advertising to find talent, singer/songwriter Sue Perrin became first to record for the company. Sue was a white artist and had a total of three releases over a period of three years. 

It was clear that the fledgling Golden World  saw pop music as the way forward. 



Notes by David Meikle

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