The Golden World Story
Sonny Sanders

Sonny Sanders [L], Carl Davis & Louis Armstrong (seated) at Universal Recording - Chicago, IL 1968.
Photograph courtesy of Kevin L. Goins. Reprinted by permission.

The first of those names to appear on the label was Sonny Sanders. Born in August 1939, William Sanders, would become one of Soul Music's great arrangers.

During the fifties, he had been a singer in a number of groups in Detroit, the most famous being the Satintones, who were one of the first groups to appear on the Tamla label.

Sonny would soon provide arrangements on some excellent material at Correc-tone with Gino Washington and Danny Woods, at the same time co-owning the SonBert outlet with Robert Bateman.

It was at Golden World however that he would really make his mark with some fantastic songs by ..... Edwin Starr ("Agent O-O Soul"), the Reflections ("Just Like Romeo And Juliet"), the Adorables ("Ooh Boy") and Barbara Mercer ("Nobody Loves You Like Me.")

In 1965 Sonny was taken to Chicago by Carl Davis where he worked for Okeh and Brunswick. 

With Major Lance, Gene Chandler, Jackie Wilson and the Artistics, he would cut some of the era's best songs.



Notes by David Meikle

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