The Golden World Story
Bob d'Orleans

The Former Control Room of Golden World Recording Co, circa 1973
photograph courtesy of Ralph Terrana

Bob d'Orleans was born in 1928, and was 36 years of age when he met Ed and JoAnne in Mirasound in 1964.

"Yes they had been recording in New York City for quite some time before they met me.

That first session, seemed to go very well, and indeed I was shocked when they asked me if I would be prepared to move to Detroit to help construct their new studio. My immediate response was got to be kidding! It just seemed like it was a world away.

They gave me time to think it over however.

Three days later and it began to sound like a good idea. In fact a challenge. So I went across to Detroit and had a look at the premises.

JoAnne then told me about her contact in Cleveland and I went down to look over what was on offer.

Ken had a big garage where he stored all sorts of electrical equipment. We agreed a specification and he began to build what would be a state-of-the-art console. I  travelled regularly to Cleveland to keep tabs on progress.

We also bought some spares, such as microphones, from Tom Shannon, who had  moved from Buffalo to Windsor in late '64 to work at radio station CKLW.

It was fantastic, anything that I had disliked at other studios, was eliminated at Golden World."



Notes by David Meikle

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