The Golden World Story
2307 Edison

Future product was now released exclusively on the Ric-Tic label. All other labels ceased to exist.

A couple of Edwin Starr's 45's were released through to February, possibly suggesting that this was part of the deal.

The Ric-Tic label changed from it's simple red and black design to a more complex blue and gold pattern.

Myto Publishing no longer appeared on Ric-Tic discs and was replaced by Ric-Tic publishing, Wingate Publishing and in a couple of instances Illinois Publishing.

Remarkably the style of music being released would change too, with the old abrasive up-tempo style being replaced by a mellower, sound.

Headquarters were now based in Ed's home on Edison where a basement studio was used for rehearsals and demos.

Recordings were now scheduled at United Sound Systems on Second Avenue and Magic City Studios on Grand River.

Ric-Tic ran for another eighteen months with a fraction of the manpower.

Administrators :
JoAnne Bratton


Producers :
Ed Wingate-Al Kent-Hermon Weems-Willie Garrett


Arrangers :
Mike Terry


Artists :
Fantastic Four - 9 releases
Al Kent - 3 releases
Flaming Ember - 6 releases
Detroit Emeralds - 3 releases
Willie G - 1 release
Little Ann - 1 release



Notes by David Meikle

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