The Golden World Story
The Reflections

label scan courtesy of Dougie Ward

With such a sound team in place, Ed and JoAnne must have been expecting some success, and it wasn't long in coming.

In April 1964, the same month that Hamilton and Gorman first feature on a Golden World disc, they hit it big time with The Reflections "Just Like Romeo And Juliet", which reached number 6 in the U.S. Pop Charts (Billboard), and was arranged by Sonny Sanders.

Lead singer, Tony Micale, was able to tell the forum that the song's vocals were cut in RCA's studio on North Lake Shore, Chicago while the band tracks were cut in United Sound in Detroit.

The group at that time consisted of Tony (lead), John Dean (bass), Phil Castrodale (first tenor), Dan Bennie (second tenor), Ray Steinber (baritone).

It has always intrigued Scottish soul fans that Dan was born in the town of Johnstone, not far from Glasgow.

A further eight Reflection's 45's would be released by Golden World; the next one, "Like Columbus did" being almost a carbon copy of their big hit.

Of those releases, "Poor Man's Son" would perform the best by reaching no. 55 in Billboard on March 8th 1965.

Lead singer Tony Micale would also have an excellent solo outing on the label in July 1966 with "Picture Me And You"/"I Love The Life I live", under the alias Tony Michaels.

The Reflections would move on to ABC with another  "Juliet" type release, in "Like Adam And Eve"; a 45 which was huge on the Northern Soul scene.

In 1966 they also appeared in a movie by the name of "Winter A-Go-Go" where they sang "I'm Sweet On You".



Notes by David Meikle

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