The Golden World Story
New York City

Millie Felch and Ralph Terrana in Golden World's former Control Room

photograph courtesy of Ralph Terrana

JoAnne, "We were of course still travelling to New York City to get arrangements done, so now that we had the premises in place and a source for the equipment, it was now time for us to check out some studios in the hope of finding someone to oversee the installation.

We went over to Bell Sound on West 54th Street, but it was booked solid. Someone suggested that we use Yellow Pages to call a couple of studios. One of them was Mirasound.

The owner, Mr Bob Goldman, said he would get in touch with an engineer and see if he could come down and do a session for us and offer some advice.

The following day we met up with Mr Bob d'Orleans who apparently worked at Mirasound in his spare time. His main job was at Bell Sound, but we had never come across him there. 

It was obvious from the session that he was extremely talented, and when we heard that he had built the Mirasound Studio, we knew that we had found our man."

Bob recalled those days fondly. "New York City was the place to be back then as L.A. was still low key. Sessions were happening all over the place with people running here and there.

Most sessions would be in three hourly blocks; say from 10am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm and 7pm to 10pm. So musicians could be working at Bell Sound in the morning, RCA in the afternoon and CBS in the evening. The pressure was on however  because nobody wanted to pay overtime!

In the late fifties I was working with the likes of Frankie Avalon, Paul Anka and Bobby Rydell at Bell Sound. So many artists and sessions, it was ridiculous. 

Someone used to bring in Black artists in the early hours. I vividly recall engineering Wilbert Harrison's "Kansas City" at 4am! He wanted three minutes on his song but I told him I was beat and that we would have to fade out on two and half minutes.

I think it paid off!"



Notes by David Meikle

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