The Golden World Story
One, Two or Three New Outlets?

Label scans courtesy Joe Moorehouse and MotorCityMusic

As mentioned earlier, the Volkano label was created towards the end of 1965, and showcased the work of John Rhys, Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore.

We have seen advertising displaying Volkano under the auspices of Golden World and know it was definitely part of the company.

Maltese and Stephanye still require debate however, although Maltese Music is listed at the Golden World address in the Yellow Pages of September '65.

The first Maltese releases #100-101 came in February 1966 by the Dolls and the Perigents. Written and arranged by New York stalwarts George Kerr and Richard Tee, the songs were produced by Mr. Lucky, whoever he was? (George Kerr?).

Obscure 45's would follow by Jimmy Satan, the Proud City Singers, and the Young Men.

The label's best release was the excellent "Airplane song"   by Norma Jenkins. It was produced again, by Mr Lucky.

The final Maltese release came in 1967. It was by Rusty Day and was recorded at Tera Shirma, due to Golden World having changed hands. The song, "I gotta move", was produced by Fred Saxon.

Sandwiched between these Maltese releases was Edwin's "Stop her on sight", on Ric-Tic, which unusually for the time was published by Maltese and not Myto.

The Stephanye label is much easier to analyse as it had only three releases around March '66.

All were arranged and produced by legendary New Yorker, Gene Redd. Roy Handy's "Baby that's a groove" and Shirley J Scott's "Goosepimples" have been lauded on the Northern Soul Scene for years.

Gene also produced Tamiko Jones on Golden World and the Fantastic Four, briefly, on Ric-Tic. The latter collaboration produced the excellent "Girl have pity".

With George McGregor confirming that he recalls working regularly with Gene Redd at Golden World, there is some evidence to suggest that Stephanye has links to Golden World.

More detail comes from Heikki Suosalo who conducted an interview, for Soul Express Magazine, with Paul Scott of the Fantastic Four. Paul had first recorded as a member of the Prophets with "My Kind Of Girl" c/w "I Can't Make It"  which was released on  Stephanye 335.  

"...Gene Redd came to Detroit from New York, and he worked for Mr Wingate at Golden World.  We had heard from Pat Lewis that there were auditions up in Golden World, and we all rehearsed there for three or four days.  Hermon Weems took us, but he told us that we didn't have what it takes..."

My Kind Of Girl was released on Gene Redd's Stephanye label.  Stephanye was his daughter.  The record didn't do very well at all...but it got us known around Detroit a bit."



Notes by David Meikle

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