The Golden World Story
The Revues

image courtesy Graham Finch

In the sixties, Detroit had an entertainment scene which was second to none.

Class acts could be seen at venues large and small.

This is just a small example of Black Music entertainment:

Fox Theater First line Motown Artists 
Cobo Hall Frank Brown's revues
Graystone Ballroom Battle of the Motown Bands
Twenty Grand Second line Motown etc
Roostertail First line Motown artists etc
Visger Inn Second line Motown artists
Phelps Lounge Black artists far and wide
Mr Kelley's Local  Black artists
Chit-Chat Club Motown plus local Black artists
Arcadia (sic) Roller Rink Golden World/Soulhawk etc

The Golden World advert is from 1966. The show was held in the Arcadia (sic) Roller Rink on Woodward. Frank Brown put on many shows over the years for all types of performer.

I have also seen an advert for a Soulhawk Revue (Popcorn Wylie) at the Arcadia.

The Ric-Tic revue was held in 1968 and is reasonably representative of the artist roster at that time. Surprisingly, their top act, the Fantastic Four, did not perform that evening. 

I don't know who Sylvia Lynn is.



Notes by David Meikle

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