The Golden World Story
Wingate Records

label scan courtesy of Dougie Ward

Around the same time of the first Debonaires release came a nice double-sider from a lady by the name of Juanita Williams.

Golden World 18 was titled "Baby boy" c/w "You knew what you were gettin' ". Both tracks were arranged by Sammy Lowe and co-written by the Hamilton brothers and Popcorn Wylie.

Only three 45's would ensue in the next eight months, strongly suggesting that this was indeed the time zone for the building of the new studio.

Two Reflections 45's "Shabby little hut" and "Poor man's son" were released in February 1965 and Freddie Gorman's ace double-sider  "Can't get you out of my mind" c/w "Take me back", on Ric-Tic102, in March. The latter featured the production skills of legendary songwriter Don Mancha who would also turn out some classic material for the Thelma label.

Interestingly, the "Shabby little hut" 45 has the same backing track as a James Barnes and the Agents track released on the Golden Hit label, " Free at last".

Golden Hit was owned by Jock Mitchell and Addie Strickland and operated on Grand River Avenue. A further two Golden Hit's 45's had the same backing tracks as those used by Golden World. 

Does this suggests some kind of deal between the two companies? Or was there a closer link?

It would be another 3 months before the next release and this time it was on a new label, Wingate Records.

In June 1965, Ronnie Savoy had his first and only release in "Memories linger" c/w "Loving you". Note the songwriter on this 45, Fred Bridges, another legend who would go on to make some superb music with the Brothers Of Soul.

The label name design on the early releases was significant for a couple of reasons. One, the fonts "G" and "W" were copied straight from the Golden World label design. Two, there were two "G's" in Wingate.

It is my guess that the launch of the new label coincided with the opening of the studio.



Notes by David Meikle

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