The Golden World Story
Richard "Popcorn" Wylie

Richard "Popcorn" Wylie
photograph courtesy of Ace Records

Born Richard Wayne Wylie on June 6th 1939, Popcorn is last but not least in this pool of creativity.

Writing or Producing at least 25 sides for the Golden World empire, Popcorn had plenty of experience before laying down his first track for Ed and JoAnne in March 1964.

He  joined Motown Records in 1959 through his friendship with Robert Bateman and took the first Motown Reviews on the road as bandleader. 

His group, Popcorn and The Mohawks, had three releases on the Motown label in 1961 and today they hang proudly in the upper room of the Hitsville Museum on West Grand Boulevard.

He also played piano on three of Motown's milestone recordings, "Money", "Please Mr Postman" and "Shop Around".

Leaving Motown in 1962, Popcorn would freelance at Correc-tone and Continental.

At Golden World, although he worked on a significant number of Reflections songs, it is his Northern Soul legacy for which he is fondly remembered; with some excellent 45's on Carl Carlton ("Nothing No Sweeter Than Love"), the Debonaires ("Eenie Meenie") and Stewart Ames ("King For A Day"/"Angelina").

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Notes by David Meikle

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