The Golden World Story
Tamiko Jones

By July 1966, there seemed to be a lot of one-off acts going through Golden World.

People like Larry Knight, Dickie and the Ebbtides, Theresa Lindsey, Pat Lewis, Tamiko Jones, all went through the "revolving" doors.

Larry Knight and the Upsetters were apparently a garage band who did a good job on "Hurt me" c/w "Everything's gone wrong", Golden World37.

Dickie and the Ebbtides outing possibly holds the dubious title of most obscure Golden World release. Golden World45 is the catalogue number.

Davie Gordon has this theory about Dickie and the Ebbtides. "Their 45 isn't a Detroit recording - it first came out on a label called Fleetwood which was based in Massachusetts. How it was picked up by Golden World I've no idea. Fleetwood was a really strange label they issued a few discs by New England garage bands but most of their output was sports and drag racing albums. I get the impression Dickie and the Ebbtides were a white post-doo wop group."

Pat Lewis went solo after a period with the Adorables. Her  "Can't shake it loose" is a superb Geo-Si-Mik production and was the topside of "Let's get together".

A move to Solid Hitbound saw the release of four excellent 45's by Pat in 1967-8. She then became part of Isaac Hayes backing group, Hot Buttered Soul.

Tamiko Jones was born in West Virginia in 1945 and she began her career as Timiko on the Checker label in 1963 with the excellent "Is it a sin". Her next recording was as Tamiko on the Atco label in 1964 with "Rhapsody".

She joined Golden World in July 1966 and recorded the happy-go-lucky "Spellbound", a Redd/McCoy/Crosby song.

Tamiko's career saw some elevation when she signed with Atlantic later that year. 



Notes by David Meikle

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