The Golden World Story
Mike Terry

Mike Terry
photograph courtesy of Jim Gallert
In April 1966, another major talent arrived at Golden World, in the shape of Mike Terry.

His debut was the fantastic "Headline news" which features Mike on his trademark bari sax.

A hugely talented arranger, Mike began his career in '59 with Popcorn Wylie. Joining the Joe Hunter Band in 1960 he began a five year tenure with Motown before signing with Golden World.

During his time at Golden World, he  joined forces with George Clinton and Sidney Barnes to form Geo-Si-Mik Productions.

That partnership lasted only four or five months however as they probably became another victim of the Motown buy-out. 

In 1967, Mike found himself working at various outlets, such as Drew with the Precisions, at Artie Fields with Kris Peterson, and at Pied Piper with a number of artists for Jack Ashford.

In December, he was lured to Chicago by Dave Kapralik of Epic. At Epic's subsidiary, Okeh, Mike worked with the Little Foxes, Sandra Phillips and Johnny Robinson.

Constantly in demand, he would eventually rejoin the revitalised Ric-Tic label, and arrange many superb songs for the Fantastic Four.

Here's an example of Terry's classic work at Golden World.

Edwin Starr Headline News Ric-Tic114
Tony Michaels Picture me and you Golden World41
Pat Lewis Can't shake it loose Golden World42
Theresa Lindsey I'll bet you Golden World43
JJ Barnes Day tripper Ric-Tic115
Fantastic Four Live up to what she thinks Ric-Tic119
Al Kent You got to pay price Ric-Tic127
Fantastic Four I don't want to live ** Ric-Tic128
Fantastic Four As long as I live Ric-Tic130
Fantastic Four As long as the feeling** Ric-Tic134a
Fantastic Four Goddess of love Ric-Tic134b



Notes by David Meikle

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