The Golden World Story
Theresa Lindsey

Another Geo-Si-Mik song, "I'll bet you", was covered by a number of artists over the years. It is also credited to being co-written by Ms. Theresa Lindsey.

Theresa was an artist with Wilbur Golden's Correc-tone label  prior to her arrival at Golden World.

She recorded three excellent songs there, including the brilliant "Gotta find a way".

"I'll bet you" is an action packed song. The flip side, "Daddy-O", is much more laid back and is one of the best sides to have been released on Golden World. It was written and produced by Don Davis and Billy Jackson.

The latter was actually Gene Dozier, a fact confirmed by Bobby Eli on the forum. Gene had started out with Cameo in Philadelphia before moving to Detroit and Motown Records in 1965.

Motown didn't work out however, so he tried his luck at Golden World through Richard Parker, who was A&R Director at that time. 

Another collaboration with Don Davis produced "Let's get together" for Pat Lewis.

After a couple of months Gene moved to Sunset Boulevard, in Hollywood, where he signed with the Minit label as Gene Dozier and the Brotherhood. The resultant instrumental,  "Hunk of funk", fared reasonably well.

Theresa Lindsey is also Terry Lindsey who had a 45 released in the UK on the President label called "It's over".



Notes by David Meikle

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