The Golden World Story
J&W Records Inc.

4031 Glendale

Around the time of the Reflections hit another Golden World label emerged in J&W Records, which was listed at 4031 Glendale; again in North West Detroit.

"It was just another label name" says JoAnne.

I am unsure of the meaning of the abbreviation but it is surely "Jackson and Wingate", Jackson being JoAnne's maiden name.

This may also have been the home, or one of the homes of Ed Wingate. It is still a beautiful building 35 years later.

J&W is one of those intriguing labels that is difficult to list and also to date.

The first releases on the label may even be around the end of 1962, as there is clearly an attempt to re-launch  Sue Perrin's "I wonder" which had originally been Golden World's first release. The label number is J&W101. This follows J&W100 which was by prolific blues artist Willie Morganfield, who had many releases on the Jewel label. There was also another release by Sue Perrin on J&W104 with "Ring Bells Ring".

The best of the J&W batch would come from Stewart Ames however with a great double sider in "King For A day" and "Angelina Oh Angelina". Definitely released in 1964, it would surprisingly sell very few copies, leaving it to be picked up by the Northern Soul Scene where today it changes hands for large sums. Stewart also recorded under the name Stewart Avig.

The final release on the label appears to be another Sue Perrin song, "I Can't Let Go". 

It was now May 1964 and the primary source for recording was still New York City.



Notes by David Meikle

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