The Golden World Story
Barbara Mercer

 Clockwise : Sweet James Epps, Pat Lewis, Lois ?, Barbara Mercer
Mr. Kelley's Lounge, 4466 Chene, in July 1966.
Photograph courtesy of Graham Finch

Don Mancha's name would crop up again, in July 1965, this time on  "Can't stop loving you baby", which was the flip side to the equally excellent "Hey", by Barbara Mercer.

"Hey" is a classic sing-a-long Detroit number and was produced by the strangely named "Burg and Beans".

It emerged on the forum recently that this was the name of a restaurant which was situated next door to the studio. 

Dennis Coffey recalls, "I used to go that restaurant before sessions at Golden World, or sometimes on a long break. Man, they had the best baked beans and oblong hamburger in a hot dog bun. That kind of meal always made you want to play some serious funk."

Within a couple of months Barbara would have two more releases on Golden World; "The things we do together" on GW27, which had "Hungry for love" on the flip, and GW28 which was a reissue of "Things" but with a slight change to the title, "Doin' things together". 

Clearly Wingate liked the song, which is a beautiful number written by the multi-talented Van McCoy. Barbara's voice is also as stunning as her looks!

On the flip side of the re-issue was the brilliant "Nobody loves you like me", arranged by Sonny Sanders and written and produced by Popcorn and Ronnie Savoy.

Barbara had formerly been with a group by the name of the Styletts (sic) who recorded briefly for the Pillar label. 

After Golden World, she would move on to Sidra Records on Wyoming where she recorded the excellent "Call on me" which was later picked up by Capitol Records in Los Angeles.




Notes by David Meikle

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