The Golden World Story
The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four's first recording hit the streets in December 1966. It was Gene Redd's "Girl Have Pity" which, although an excellent song, did poorly in the charts.

At that time the group consisted of Sweet James Epps (lead), Joseph and Ralph Pruitt and William Hunter. Hunter was soon replaced by Wallace Childs.

The follow-up came in February 1967 with "Can't Stop Looking for my Baby" c/w the beautiful "Just the Lonely".

They were on the right track and chart action soon followed when the classic "The whole world is a stage" c/w "Ain't Love Wonderful" hit Pop #63 and R&B #6.

This is the chart detail that I am aware of :

The whole world is a stage Pop #63 : R&B #6
You gave me something Pop #55 : R&B #12
As long as I live Pop #68 : R&B #38
As long as the feeling is there R&B #39
I've got to have you R&B #23

Their final recording for Ric-Tic was the fabulous "I Love You Madly". Ken Sands recalls that the session took place at Magic City Studios. The song was recorded on a four track machine by Ken and second engineer Steve Smith. Ken later transferred the song on to 8 track at United Sound. There he also did the overdubs and remixing. 

Perhaps surprisingly, the Fantastic Four became Ric Tic's most successful act, out-selling even Edwin Starr and J.J. Barnes.

When Motown bought out the rest of the company's assets, the Fantastic Four moved to Motown's Soul label. Sadly they felt that it was a wasted spell there although three singles did see the light of day, plus an album of their mainly Ric-Tic work.

In 1970 they went into semi-retirement.

Several years later Armen Boladian persuaded them to sign with his Eastbound label, although most of their product would appear on the sister label, Westbound.

Cleveland Horne and Ernest Newsome had now replaced Wallace Childs and Ralph Pruitt. 




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