The Golden World Story

The Reflections - Golden World's most successful act.
Tony Micale (right) shakes hands with emcee Lee Alan.
(photograph courtesy Millie Felch)

In May 2002, my interest in Detroit was subject to a feature on the front page of the Free Press newspaper.

This led to a huge amount of interest from Detroiters across the United States.

One communication stood above the rest however.

It said simply, "Please contact me (JoAnne Bratton) regarding Ric-Tic Records and Golden World - Thank You"

Sixty seconds later I was talking to one of the most important people in Detroit Music History.

As a result of that half hour phone call I was also able to make contact with Bob d'Orleans, who provided the expertise which led to the construction of the Golden World studios. 

Between them they gave me an insight to parts of the company which had been shrouded in mystery.

I would like to thank them for giving me their time so unselfishly.

To complement their story I was also able to call on the archives of the Forum database, which holds a lot of first hand knowledge from those who were there.

Thanks to everyone for their input.

Special thanks also to Ed Wolfrum, Dougie Ward (for his GW record collection), Graham Finch, Davie Gordon, and Graham Anthony's much-missed English fanzine, "Detroit City Limits."



Notes by David Meikle

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