The Golden World Story
Bob Hamilton and Ronnie Savoy

label scan courtesy of Dougie Ward

Bob Hamilton is much more of a mystery.

Listed in BMI as Robert Harston Hamilton Jr, Bob can be found writing and producing many classic songs for Golden World.

In fact he left his mark on more than 50 sides on the Golden World group of labels.

What I do know of Bob is that he was one of the musically gifted Hamilton brothers who lived in Detroit.

They were Al Hamilton (aka Kent), Eugene Ronald Hamilton (Ronnie Savoy) and Bob himself, who liked Producer credits recorded under the alias, Rob Reeco.

The Adorables 45 is the only one which lists him as Bob Hamilton.

It is also rumoured that Bob was one of The Nitecaps on the fifties Groove label, as was his brother Ronnie, who was probably lead singer.

Bob's work at Golden World was coming to an end in the early months of 1966, his final credit being the highly popular "I Love The Life I Live" by Tony Micale of The Reflections.

Tragically he was shot dead in a drive by shooting in Detroit in 1969.

Ronnie Savoy appears to have branched out on his own after The Nitecaps final release in 1956.

A quite prolific songster, he recorded for Candello and Gone in 1959, MGM in 1960, Phillips in 1962 and Epic in 1963. As well as recording for Wingate in 1965, Ronnie also had a release on Chicago's Tuff label in 1966. The latter being "Pitfall" which he co-wrote under his real name, and which is a top drawer song.

Davie Gordon has also established that Ronnie owned a Publishing company called Suron and did some production work for The Drifters in 1968.

As for Golden World, I can find him credited on 17 sides as a song writer. 



Notes by David Meikle

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