The Tera Shirma Story
Studio B 
Studio Floor - EMT Reverb Room is behind Piano and
Control Room is Top Right
(picture courtesy Ralph Terrana)

As you entered the studio from the waiting room, the piano was to the right. 

It was a Knabe, something over 6 feet but I don't remember the model. Knabe's were never my favourite pianos, but I had a stock holder in the corporation (Evelyn Brown) that worked for a large piano company. She was able to get me a very good deal on the piano.

Being a keyboard player, I always thought the piano played a little heavy, but I never heard any complaints about it and It recorded very well. 

I know Popcorn Wylie liked it and I seem to remember talking to Johnny Griffin about it and he told me he liked it.

The organ next to it was some sort of Hammond, but not a B3. It was always my intention to put a B3 in there (after was MY instrument of choice when I was still playing) but I never was able to do it.

The doorway in the corner was an entry way to a storeroom. It was there that the EMT echo unit was stored.

For those of you that have never seen one...first let me explain...EMT's were the Rolls Royce's of echo units
in those days. Very rich and full.....It resembled a large wooden crate...approximately 5 feet tall...maybe 6 or 7 feet long and about a foot wide. I think we also had a storage for microphone cables in that room.

In the picture you can just see two of the four studio monitors that are below the control room glass.

The light brown wood panel visible above the organ was a microphone input bay that fed the console from the studio.

Notes thanks to Ralph Terrana



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