The Tera Shirma Story
Structural Changes 
Russ Terrana and Les Chasey
(picture courtesy Ralph Terrana)

The existing studio structure was now becoming a minor problem, due to the fact that sessions were becoming larger.

We only had the one room and needed better separation so that more complex sessions could be done at one time. So, we make a decision to build a secondary room within the studio proper.

Milan told me he had a friend, Les Chasey, who was good at doing these things. He had Les come in to meet me and from what I remember I contracted him to build the room. 

Well it didn't take me long to recognize the talents this guy had. He could do ANYTHING! By the time the room was complete, I knew I had to hire him on a permanent basis.

Milan had already begun work on the new recording console, so the plan was to upgrade Studio A. 

Les would definitely be needed for the re-construction of the control room and whatever other work would come about.

There was a basement in the building that wasn't used for anything. The bathrooms were there, but the remaining space, which was quite large was going unused. I should mention that at this time Russ was working for me also. He had been at Golden World and Motown after the Berry Gordy buy out. 

Milan, Russ and Les had decided they could convert the basement area into engineering offices and facilities which they needed badly. I gave the OK and they commenced work.

One morning I'm sitting in my office and Milan comes in from the basement laughing his ass off. He told me there was a wall interfering with a design they had for the engineering offices and decided the wall must go.

He then said Les Chasey proceeded to beat the wall down with his bare hands. That day Milan re-named Les Chasey 'Wild Man', and called him nothing but that from that day on.

Well over time "Wild Man'" would save me thousands of dollars as a result of his ingenuity and talent. He was one hell of an employee.

Notes thanks to Ralph Terrana



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