The Tera Shirma Story
Ollie McLaughlin

Dale Warren, Betty Lavette and Ollie McLaughlin in Ralph's office 
(picture courtesy Ralph Terrana) (damaged photo)

I had been out of the studio. When I returned Neica Lee was smiling and said she had some news for me. Ollie McLaughlin had called to book time in the studio.

This blew me away. I may not have known Ollie's name as
long as I knew Harry Balk's name, but Ollie always had all my respect.

When I was still in The Sunliners we had done a TV show or two along with Barbara Lewis. I'm not sure if Ollie was with her at these performances, but I would not meet him at this time.

After I had made my decision to leave the band, as I was playing my last days, one of the last songs I worked up with them was a killer version of The Capitols " Cool Jerk " at the Roostertail.

So I was pretty familiar with Ollie McLaughlin and he was coming to the studios. 

Ollie and I were immediate friends. A friendship that would last for years. I would eventually lease Ollie office space in Studio A after our offices were moved into the newly
built Studio B.

It is through the Soulful Detroit forum that I learned of Ollie's
passing. The news genuinely saddened me. I will always remember Ollie's smiling face and I will always think of him as a friend.

Notes thanks to Ralph Terrana



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