The Tera Shirma Story
Studio A

picture courtesy Ralph Terrana)

The entrance to the studio was next to my office.

The studio itself was quite interesting as it was basically a room built inside of a room. Therefore when you first walked into the studio door there would be a passage way that circumvented the studio itself. 

The entrance was actually two doors, so if a session was going on you could open the first door from the lobby and walk down down the passageway to get to the control room without interrupting anything.

The studio was not particularly large, maybe thirty feet long by twenty feet wide and because of the 'room within a room' design, the studio was very 'tight', providing great acoustics.

At the back of the studio to the left, as you faced the control room, was a small flight of five or six stairs that led up to the control room. The control room was small. maybe twelve by twelve.

The board sat under the control room window. It was an old Gates radio broadcasting board, with knobs instead of sliding faders. Quite small. On the right side of the board was the equipment rack. It didn't have much in the early days. A Scully 4 track and some sort of mono machine...don't remember the manufacturer's name, the power amps and I guess some sort of spring driven echo unit, but again I don't remember the manufacturer. There was just enough room for two or three chairs at the back wall of the control room.

I remember when I bought the first grand piano for studio A. No one was more pleased than Popcorn Wylie. My parents stopped into the studio for a visit one day and he proudly said to them "look what we have" . What a sweet guy.

Notes thanks to Ralph Terrana



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