The Tera Shirma Story
Studio B 

The Former Studio B in 1990
(picture courtesy Ralph Terrana)

Things were going so well in Studio A that I decided to expand  into a building a couple of doors along, on the same block.

Studio B, as it would soon be known, was just the art deco building in the centre. It was originally a bank, but must have also some kind of retail history due to the large windows on either side of the main door. I always thought ...what a great studio this would make...believe me it was very big. 

To the left was 'Goodfriend' plumbing. I don't remember what was on the right.

Tera Shirma never owned the building. It was leased through a real estate agent by the name of Wolf. I almost lost the Studio B building to a paint company, because I was already leasing Studio A from him. In the end, Wolf gave me first consideration on the Studio B building.

To the left of the plumbing company was  studio A, then, at the corner, was Household Finance...a lending company...right where the gas station is now. 

The Studio A building looked like it was once some sort of a retail store too. It had large plate glass windows facing the street and large plate glass windows facing the entryway. It could have been a clothing store at one time. 

When you entered Studio A, you were in a nice sized lobby, but not overly large. To the right was a waiting area with an orange leather couch and coffee table and some chairs. On the left side of the doorway was a soft drinks machine. Pepsi. Just past the waiting area was the receptionists desk, surrounded by a low decorative wrought iron railing to separating her from the waiting area.

Relative to Studio B it was a much smaller building. I'm sure the studio area of B had to be at least five times the size of studio A. The control room of B was probably half the size of the studio area of A. 

Notes thanks to Ralph Terrana



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