The Tera Shirma Story
A New Team 
Fred Saxon with Jerry Butler in the foyer of the 20 Grand
(picture courtesy Fred Saxon)
It was now January 1966 and I was Vice President of Ernstrat Enterprises Inc. 

Ernie was President, Fred Saxon was Staff Producer and Milan Bogdan was Engineer.

I was going to continue with the Sunliners for a while and run the studio in my spare time. Well at least that was the theory. However, it was beginning to look like Ernie may have some financial problems stemming from the earlier Rainbow days. 

We were working the Patti Young "Head and Shoulders" record. Ernie had even contacted the company that makes Head And Shoulders shampoo to see if some sort of deal could be made. 

They were interested if the record should become big. Ernie needed this record to happen and unfortunately
it just didn't.

The Sunliners were getting ready for a West Coast trip and I needed to make some decisions. I felt if I left town with the band things might get worse and it was at this time that I made the decision to leave the band and devote all my energies to the studio. 

Ernie and I would eventually part. Sometimes the best laid plans.......Ernie was a great guy that just caught some bad breaks and found himself in the middle of a predicament. 

Ernie went on to successfully run restaurants. 

In later years Fred Saxon would go on to become an entertainment reporter for CNN and television stations in Los Angeles and San Diego. Today he hosts his own television program produced by his successful company, 2020 Productions.

Notes thanks to Ralph Terrana



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