The Tera Shirma Story
Tough Decisions
Rusty Day in Studio A
(picture courtesy Fred Saxon)

Fred also picked up a singer called Rusty Day and did a very good song on him..'I Gotta Move'..It received some local play as I remember, but didn't really take off.

Even though the studio business had been improving money was still tight and it was at this time that I decided I couldn't afford to keep Fred as a producer. I'm sure I wasn't paying him all that much anyway, but every penny counted as I tried to keep the business afloat.

I wasn't taking anything for myself at the time either, and my wife was working and supporting us. I just felt that I needed every bit of money to improve the studio. Eventually I told Fred I had to let him go. It was one of the toughest things I ever had to do in my life .... after all Fred and I were like brothers.

It created some strained feelings between us for a while but eventually it all worked out and today, thirty five years on, Fred remains my closest, dearest friend and he always will be.

Notes thanks to Ralph Terrana



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