The Tera Shirma Story
Ernstrat Enterprises Inc.

Ernstrat advertisement from September 1965

Fred Saxon was the first to leave the band and ended up working at Rainbow for Ernie Stratton.

One night while on a break at Club Cliche where The Sunliners were playing, Fred mentioned to me that there were problems over at Rainbow between Ernie and his partner, John Merlino. Apparently Ernie needed $100,000 to buy him out.

I had some money saved but not enough to do a deal of this magnitude. However, I did know that my wife's aunt was married to a guy called Al Sherman, who was famed for taking risks, and I contacted him at my earliest convenience.

When I explained the deal to Al, his response was 'do they need cash?' Al was a professional gambler and entrepreneur. He was also very shrewd.

He immediately contacted a brilliant young Jewish lawyer by the name of Ira Jaffe. Ira had a Harvard law degree, and an engineering degree, just to back up the fact he had brains.

He also brought in Kurt Swiger, who was a very good Certified Public Accountant, and they started digging into things.

Soon, Merlino was bought out for $22,000.

Notes thanks to Ralph Terrana



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