The Tera Shirma Story
Studio B 

Vocal Booth on Floor Two
[the catwalk railing is just off left of picture]
(picture courtesy Ralph Terrana)

The studio was nearing completion. We were planning on opening early February, 1968. I had hired another guy, Bob Robinson, on the advice of Les Chasey to do carpentry work to help finish the studios. Bob was very good.

I seem to remember the catwalk being an addition that came later on. I think once construction of the studio got under way, we saw the convenience of a catwalk.

This was totally a Les Chasey design. It was pure genius. Constructed completely of two by fours you could have driven a train over it. He even made the hand railings out of two by fours which gave it a very safe, secure feel when you crossed.

I loved to stand in the center of that catwalk with my arms on the railings. I would be looking directly into the second floor control room on my right ( which was an awesome sight from that perspective ) or the second floor vocal booth and the studio floor over dub rooms on my left.
And all the studio floor space with it's bright blue carpeting directly below. It was a great place to stand. 

Regrettably, I never took a picture of this unique feature of Tera Shirma Studio B.

The vocal booth itself was relatively small, maybe 6' x 8'. It was heavily padded and extremely tight. It was hard to stand in that room for no reason. The total quiet consumed you. You needed to put headphones on just to hear some outside source of sound.

Being located at the opposite end of the catwalk from the control room, it was handy for the vocalists to cross over and listen to playbacks.

Notes thanks to Ralph Terrana



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