The Tera Shirma Story
Harry Balk 
Harry Balk 
(picture courtesy on Ralph Terrana)

The studio was beginning to pick up but as I mentioned money was tight.

Then one day Harry Balk's secretary called to book some time for Harry to listen to some mixes. I was overjoyed. I had heard Harry's name for years. 

I was overjoyed and apprehensive. THE MAN was coming to Tera Shirma. He came in alone, without the usual entourage that I would soon become familiar with. 

I stayed in the control room with Harry and Milan Bogdan while he listened to some things. I just wanted to be around the man. He was so cool. This was the quintessential record guy. 

He found what he was looking for and asked Milan to make some copies of what he wanted. Oh oh.....Milan looked up at me....we had a problem....we were out of quarter inch tape. Like I was tight.

There may have been tape on order, I don't remember...but the fact remained I had no tape at the time and Harry wanted copies of a mix. I told Harry we were out. The look on his face made my heart sink. Kind of an irritated look. 

But then he reached into his pocket and gave me a hundred dollars and said "go buy yourself some tape".

This was the beginning of a long and warm friendship that still goes on today.

Notes thanks to Ralph Terrana



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