The Tera Shirma Story
Columbia Records

(picture courtesy of Ace/Kent Records)

I'm not sure if I have all my facts straight on the beginning of this one, but this is how I remember Columbia Records first using Tera Shima. 

I had gotten a call from Clive Davis regarding the use of the studio. I suppose we talked some about it and then he told me, and the name escapes me, the head of Columbia's engineering department would be calling me. 

The individual called me and he seemed like a very nice guy. We talked a while and then arrangements were made for him coming in from Chicago to check out the facilities. 

These guys weren't stupid. Tera Shirma had to pass muster to enter the big leagues. 

When I was told that he would be coming with one of his engineers, I made arrangements for them to be picked up at the airport. 

This was a job made for Neica Lee Rompollo. I told her to handle this and she just kind of smiled and said " OK ". 

I said these guys were smart, but they were no match for Neica Lee's brains and charm. 

When Neica Lee returned with them I was in my office on the phone. I guess Neica noticed this and decided to bring them directly into the studio before she would introduce them to me. 

They had to pass my office door to go into the studio. The two engineers were walking in front of Neica and did not notice her stick her arm in my office door and flash me the thumb and forefinger OK sign. 

There was then no doubt in my mind that this was a done deal. They had fallen under Neica Lee's spell like so many before them. 

The studio looked good, but I'm sure Neica Lee Rompollo was every bit as responsible for tying up the deal.

Notes thanks to Ralph Terrana



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