The Tera Shirma Story
 Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore in 1966
(picture courtesy of Mike Theodore)

I first met Mike Theodore during a Sunliner recording session. We were being produced by John Rhys at the time. Mike had stopped into the studio (Golden World) to see John. He and I struck up a conversation. He had some suggestions to make on what we were doing in
the studio. I thought this was rather incongruous with the load of biology books he was carrying. He was a college student at the time.

I had known Dennis Coffey's name for some time. He was already an established musician in the Detroit club scene when The Sunliners were just beginning to emerge. 

There was a downtown bar called Rose's. All the musicians hung out there when they weren't playing in the clubs. I
would go to Rose's to see Dennis Coffey play.

A few years down the line Mike and Dennis would form Theo-Coff productions and work exclusively out of Tera Shirma. 

They were so busy and brought so much work to the studios that I gave them office space in Studio A rent free. Their office would be next to mine and across from secretary, Neica Lee. The offices were wood panelled and each had a large glass window looking out onto the waiting area. My own office was nearest the studio.

I am still in touch with Mike Theodore. He and Dennis are still collaborating on certain projects. We all remain good friends to this day.

One of the great Detroit production teams.

Notes thanks to Ralph Terrana



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