Auto Accident


In 1962, Fortune made it’s best attempt at becoming a national label with “Village Of Love” and the classic “Mind Over Matter”, along with several more up to date recordings. Yet after the problems with United Artists they became too cautious and tried to handle too much by themselves in a rapidly changing business.

By 1964 Fortune’s releases lacked the production values necessary to compete with the increasing sophistication of other labels of that era.

Along with the record shop and studio, Jack Brown also operated the Hi-Q Record Mart, a one-stop record wholesale store located at 3137 Woodward Avenue a few blocks from the studio.

During these years the Browns had two children, a son Sheldon, and a daughter Janice (who died of cancer in 1981). In1973 Jack and Devora were involved in an auto accident which left Jack crippled until his death on April 7, 1980. During that time Fortune Records almost came to a standstill, however recently the company has become more active, due to increased interest in Fortune’s earlier recordings. 

Some new albums are in the works featuring never before released material on The Diablos, Andre Williams, The Five Dollars and others.

In fact, before her untimely death, Janice had been working with Devora to organize all the old masters, and pull tracks for the forthcoming albums.


Notes thanks to Ron Murphy

Image snapped by Richard Hurley
Image notes David Meikle.


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