11629 Linwood Avenue


Sheldon Brown with the original Fortune recording equipment

In 1951, they decided it was time to start recording in their own studio.

They rented a small shop at 11629 Linwood near their home and fixed up an area in the back to record, using the front as an office. Soon kids from the High School across the street, hearing the music, began to stop in to buy Fortune releases. It wasn’t long before they started to ask for other top hits, so Jack decided to start a record shop in the front to earn a little extra money.

A stalwart at Fortune Records and beyond - Joe Weaver, artist and bandleader

The first songs cut in the new Fortune Studio were recorded on a Magnacord tape machine. In 1953, they purchased and Ampex model 350 which was used to record all of the Fortune masters, until the early sixties. 

This version of the Five Dollars is made up of L-R : Lonnie Heard, James Drayton, Charles Evans, Eddie Hurt and Andre Williams. The Browns released over 20 45's by the Five Dollars.

Jack used simple basic recording techniques and just a few mikes that let the quality of the singers voices, and musicians playing shine through without any gimmicks.


Notes thanks to Ron Murphy

Sheldon Brown snapped by Richard Hurley
Joe Weaver tribute image courtesy of Joe Weaver ; label scans courtesy Nikki Gustafson. Image notes David Meikle.


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