Anyone here have the full sp on these outfits ?
There was a band fronted by a female singer playing the Baltimore area clubs around 1962 to 1965 by the name of the Shalimars featuring Cathy ........
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Then there was the female group who cut “Stop & Take Look At Yourself” [[song written by Jackson / Barnes ... JJ & Sidney I guess) for Verve in 1966. This outfit worked with ex big band arranger Hal Wess [[Weiss). Hal & his sister Marion seem to have been New Jersey based though they used Philly studios and signed their acts [[mainly) with New York based labels [[Hal had been manager of and producer for Ronnie & the Hi-Lites in 1962/63).
So I guess that set of Shalimars were New Jersey / New York [[or perhaps Philly) based.

Then there was Sari & the Shalimars who cut for Veep in 1968 -- I've no idea where they fit in [[unless they were the same group who cut for Verve).

Then later in the 60's, there was the Fabulous Shalimars who I'm sure were again out of Baltimore. They cut for Rack & Cotillion [["Playing A Losing Game" - 1968) and were closely connected with a guy called Fallow Womble Jr who was from Baltimore.
Another track the group cut [["Afro Soul") was credited to the group themselves [[as writers) on the 45 and when you check on BMI's site the writers are listed as A JOHNSON; KREFETZ; FRANKIE MAYO; J TIRE; JOHN WAYNE WIGGINS and FALLOW WOMBLE.
So I guess those guys were the members of the group [[with maybe John Wayne Wiggins getting credit as he worked on the recordings).
So the early 60's Shalimars from Baltimore could well have evolved into the Fabulous Shalimars by the late 60's. Can anyone confirm this ?