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Last evening at The Roostertail.....


I was fortunate enough to attend this event last night courtesy of the Motown Museum. It was my first time being at the Roostertail and a wonderful evening was had by all. We had a table right up by the stage. I wish Otis could have done a longer Q&A session as I know he has so much to share, but I was grateful for the time we did have with him. The young man portraying David Ruffin does actually resemble him quite a bit. All of the performers from the Broadway group did a fine job.

I had taken an extra copy of The Temptin' Temptations, my favorite Tempts album with the hope Otis was going to stay for the whole event and I would have ample opportunity to ask if he would sign it. He ended up leaving immediately after the Q&A was over, so I rushed out to the car, got the album and waited for Otis to get closer to the door. It was taking him quite a while as so many fans were asking for photos with him, and his entourage was trying to get him to the car. There was a very lovely lady with Otis' group and I said to her I bet it's always difficult to get Otis out of any appearance very quickly. She said it always was. I explained I was at the event courtesy of the Motown Museum and did she think Otis might sign my record for me. She said I think he will. So when Otis finally got to her she told him I was a member of the museum and I asked Otis to sign my record and he said absolutely. I ended up getting the only autograph of the night, and a minute with Otis. I thanked him for his part in the Motown story and for taking the time to sign, shook his hand and he was gone. I'm glad I had the chance to do so, it will be another experience I won't forget. I also went up on the Roostertail stage as the event was winding down and stood there for a minute, thinking of all the talent that had graced the stage all those years ago. For some reason I thought of Tammi Terrell most.

It was a great perk for being a member of the Motown Museum. If you don't already support them, please do!

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Hologram tours.........

Pass me a paper bag quick.

Would you go and see a show with a hologram on stage?

I'm confused. Who is the intended audience for this type of thing?
(Is there something I'm missing or didn't get yet???)
And a dreaded question: ............Is this ''the future''...somehow....?

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Temptations Promo release Gordy G-71-B

I recently acquired this promo copy of the Temptations "Impossible Dream" b/w "Born To Love You". It does not appear on the market too often. Mine was the second copy I've seen for sale, and Popsike.com only lists 4 copies selling since 2012.

It seems like an odd pairing to me, of songs recorded essentially 3 years apart with somewhat opposing genres, IMO "easy listening" vs. a more gritty soulful track. Are any members here on the forum able to enlighten me on possibly why this promo was released?
Thank you,

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Today 02:22 PM


Anyone know who the white guy (sitting at the piano) was in The Trammps? Great band.

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Next 'Whitney' ?

Is Cyniah the next Whitney? Lionel hears it. Seventeen yrs old!


Ralph Terrana

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