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Motown Artists Switching to Other Motown Subsidiary Labels

Did any other Motown artists switch to another Motown subsidiary label as David Ruffin did when he switched/assigned to the Motown label being that he was had been a Gordy label artist as part of the Temptations? I am not speaking about guest appearances with an artist from another Motown label or specialty albums or even situations like Marvin Gaye (Tamla) recording the duet album with Diana Ross on the Motown label. I am speaking of just being assigned to another label.

Am I correct that the Contours recorded under the Motown label? In that case, I guess Dennis Edwards move to being a Temptation moved him to the Gordy label, right?

In Dennis' case, I wonder what the reasoning was that he was placed on the Motown label.
Today 05:48 PM

An Odd Four Tops Song Listed on Billboards 100 "GREATEST OF ALL TIME HOT 100 SINGLES"

Or at least it struck me as odd. Maybe someone here can explain it.

Here is how the list is compiled.

Radio Airplay + Sales Data + Streaming Data = Greatest Of All Time Hot 100 Songs

These all-time rankings are based on actual performance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100 (from its launch on Aug. 4, 1958 through Oct. 10, 2015) and Billboard 200 (from Aug. 17, 1963 — when we combined our two leading pop album album charts for stereo and mono releases into one all-encompassing weekly chart — through Oct. 10, 2015). Titles are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at lower rungs earning the least. Due to changes in chart methodology over the years, eras are weighted differently to account for chart turnover rates over various periods. Artists are ranked based on the combined point totals, as outlined above, of all their Hot 100 or Billboard 200 chart entries. --- Billboard
And here are the Motown singles that made this list:

#91 ALL NIGHT LONG - Lionel Richie
#89 SAY YOU SAY ME - Lionel Richie
#77 UPSIDE DOWN - Diana Ross
#52 END OF THE ROAD - Boys To Men
#44 "______:confused:________" - Four Tops
#38 LET'S GET IT ON - Marvin Gaye
#20 I'LL MAKE LOVE TO YOU - Boys To Men
#16 ENDLESS LOVE - Diana Ross & Lionel Richie

As you can see, many Motown acts did not make this list , Temptations, Supremes , J5 , Stevie Wonder etc...

Considering the hits various Motown acts had that did not rank, --- without cheating!!: what song by The Four Tops do you think came in as high as #44?? :confused:

Any guesses ?


added reference:

These are the songs The Four Tops are couched between:

#45 I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND - The Beatles
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Yesterday 01:46 PM

Leaving Neverland, HBO

I watched HBO's Leaving Neverland last night. I am still speechless. It was a devestating two hours. I believe the boys. One was 7 years old.

Superstardom is so powerful. Even if one does not believe the boys, the show was an expose on superstardom, and how most of us would do almost anything to get close to these superstars.
Today 08:47 PM

Underrated & Unknown Motown Artists & Songs

Iím about to listen to all volumes of the Complete Motown Singles again and was thinking of a couple related questions

Who are some of the Motown artists that for whatever reason were overlooked? And are criminally underrated and obscure if theyíre remembered at all?

Who are the artists who if there were any justice in the world should have been just as big as Marvin, Stevie, Diana, Tempts etc.?

Same question about songs

What songs (and these may be from star artists) that if there were any justice in this world should be up there with My Girl, Where Did Our Love Go, I Heard It Through the Grapevine, Superstition etc and should be played a million times on oldies stations and should appear on most Motown Greatest Hits comps?

Iíll have a better answer after I go through the sets again

There was one particular song (Iím pretty sure was between 66-69) that I flipped out when I first heard it (years ago when the sets were released)

I must have listened to it on repeat for 30 straight minutes, but for the life of my I canít think of what it was

Others that I feel should have been bigger hits

Act like a Shotgun - GC Cameron

Loves Gone Bad - Chris Clark

Cherry Apple Red - R Dean Taylor
Today 08:42 PM

Cosmic Truth & Higher Than High: The Undisputed Truth

Wonderful news... Cosmic Truth is my all time favorite album by them.


Ralph Terrana

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