Today 10:20 AM

Singer kelly price reported missing now found

This story has many twists and turns. Earlier today it was reported that the singer has missing and haven't been seen or heard from in weeks, even by her two sons. Then a lawyer reports that she's doing ok. Her only living sister calls a radio show tonight to say that until she physically sees her she doesn't know if she's ok or not. There's a new boyfriend in the story but Kelly was promoting a new gospel cd then she reported at the end of July that she had COVID and has basically fallen off the face of the earth. Something sounds odd but hopefully she is ok. She's lost several family members over the last year or two and that can also take a toll on someone.

Today 10:17 AM

Anthony Hamilton – Love Is The New Black [[2021)

01 – Love Is The New Black
02 – Threw It All Away
03 – Real Love [[feat. Rick Ross)
04 – I’m Ready [[feat. Lil Jon)
05 – White Hennessy
06 – Coming Home
07 – You Made A Fool Of Me
08 – I Thought We Were In Love
09 – Superstar [[feat. Jennifer Hudson)
10 – Pillows
11 – I’m Sorry
12 – Mercy
13 – Safe
14 – Mama Don’t Cry

Today 09:31 AM

The Marvelettes "Paper Boy" "Please Mr. Postman" clone?

On another thread, the subject of Motown B-sides came up. I was thinking about this one by the Marvelettes, "Paper Boy." I recall being kinda ticked that Motown would stick such an older song on the B-side of "You're The One." I was looking for something much more "MOTOWN!" [[chuckle). It's not a bad song, but I had the feeling that this was something that back in 1963, somebody thought would be a tie-in hit going back the the "Postman" theme and feeling. Had anyone else recorded this, I probably wouldn't have liked it at all, but as usual, the Marvelettes were able to transcend even the dullest and poorly-conceived material.

This more or less illustrates the issue Motown was having in trying to capitalize on The Marvelettes first major hit [[Please Mr. Postman) and trying distill what made that one work into their later follow-ups. It's pretty much the same issue the company had with Little Stevie Wonder. Once "Fingertips" hit, they had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to build on that to keep the momentum going. I think Brenda Holloway too was saddled with having to remain in her "box" as a singer of slower, emotional ballads after having a hit right out of the gate with "Every Little Bit Hurts".

"Paper Boy" was recorded in 1963, quite a few years beyond "Postman." Yet the implications are all there that this was some kind of attempt to recapture the glory of that first image-making hit. If that was the case, this would seem to be hitting rock bottom. Especially when you consider Motown ended up going with "My Daddy Knows Best" and "As Long As I Know He's Mine." Not the worst of songs, but definitely and very much tunes contrived to keep the group in their teeny-bopper stage. Still, you gotta hand it to the group that their fan base and Motown's creativity was strong enough that even their lower-charting singles kept them on the charts long enough to weather the drought of hits until "Don't Mess With Bill."
Today 09:27 AM

Best Opening Line of a Motown Song That's NOT the Song's Title:

Any particularly strong lines stand out that set up the record, but are not the song's title?
The line gets used and then the song moves on ...
For instance I'm thinking:

People say I'm the life of the party, 'cause I tell a joke or two ....

It's just a great lead in that rolls off Smokey's tongue ....
09-25-2021 12:00 PM

When do you think rhythm and blues/soul went downhill?

I'm going with the 1980s, I felt that was the beginning of the end of good soul music.

What about you guys?


Ralph Terrana

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