Description from Robinsongs/Cherry Red UK:

• Triple CD release including five early 80s Richard “Dimples” Fields’ albums.

• Featuring ‘Dimples’, ‘Mr. Look So Good’, ‘Give Everybody Some’, ‘MMM…’ and ‘Dark Gable’.

• With in-depth sleeve notes by journalist Joe Marchese.

This package kicks off with ‘Dimples’ the first album he recorded after being signed to Boardwalk by Neil Bogart, who had previously run Casablanca Records, the home of Donna Summer and Parliament among others. Bogart had a lot of faith in his talent after spotting him on American Bandstand and his industry clout positioned Dimples to attract a wide, mainstream audience far beyond his previous cult independent LPs.

The standout that looms large on ‘Dimples’ is ‘She’s Got Papers on Me’ which sounds much like a stock soul ballad of the day: lush and pretty, with swooning background vocals and a sincere lead, but Dimples isn’t serenading a love, instead, he’s complaining that he’d rather be with his mistress than with his wife who, unfortunately, holds that pesky marriage licence [the “papers” in question]. Ironically, it was never released as a single.

‘Dimples’ was followed with the ‘Mr. Look So Good’ album, the lead cut ‘If It Ain’t One Thing...It’s Another’ was his breakthrough track, reaching #1 on the R&B Chart and cracking the Top 50 on the Billboard chart. The ‘Give Everybody Some’ album followed featuring the singles ‘People Treat You Funky [When Ya Ain’t Got No Money!]’ and ‘Don’t Ever Stop Chasing Your Dreams’.

After leaving Boardwalk, Dimples signed with RCA and recorded the album ‘MMM…’ the label put its weight behind the glossy, uptempo, and double infidelity-themed ‘Your Wife Is Cheatin’ on Us’ which peaked at #32 in the R&B chart. On the follow up album ‘Dark Gable’ Fields simply became Dimples for the standout cut ‘Shake ‘Em Down’.

Sadly Richard “Dimples” Fields died in January 2000 following a stroke.

1. I Like Your Lovin’
2. Let Me Take You In My Arms Tonight
3. Let The Lady Dance
4. Lovely Lady
5. In The Still Of The Night [I’ll Remember]
6. She’s Got Papers On Me
7. I’ve Got To Learn To Say No!
8. Earth Angel
9. Don’t Ever Take Your Love
Mr. Look So Good:
10. If It Ain’t One Thing...It’s Another
11. After I Put My Lovin’ On You
12. Baby Work Out
13. Mr. Look So Good
14. Taking Applications
15. [A Woman At Home And] A Freak On The Side
16. Sincerely
17. The Lady Is Bad

Give Everybody Some:
1. People Treat You Funky [When Ya Ain’t Got No Money!]
2. Butter
3. Wish Somebody Loved Me [The Way I Love You!]
4. Don’t Ever Stop Chasing Your Dreams
5. You Shouldn’t Have Made It So Good!
6. Let It All Hang Out!
6. You Send Me
7. Moody’s Mood For Love [I’m In The Mood For Love]
8. Goodbye You...Hello Her
9. Jazzy Lady
10. Your Wife Is Cheatin’ On Us
11. Dear Mr. God
12. Woman [Let Me Into Your Life]
13. Dog Or A Hog?
14. We’ve Gotta Stop Meetin’ Like This

MMM… [Cont]:
1. Don’t Turn Your Back On My Love
2. I Need You So
Dark Gable:
3. Shake ‘Em Down
4. Real Good Lovin’ Tonight
5. Neckgrabber
6. I’d Really Love To See You Tonight
7. Make My Dreams Come True
8. Don’t Give Up Too Soon
9. One Special One
10. You Sure Know How To Give A Party
11. She’s A Bad Lil’ Lady

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