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    Myto Music ...part 1

    Myto Music was the umbrella publishing arm for Ed Wingate's Golden World empire encompassing Ric-Tic, Golden World, Wingate, Stephanye, Maltese and other smaller Detroit labels; here's a comprehensive list of the Myto Music recordings, mainly gleaned from DFTMC...

    A Little Too Long Debonaires
    Agent Double-O Soul Edwin Starr
    Agent Double-O Soul inst. Al Kent Orchestra
    Ain't Love Wonderful Fantastic Four
    All Alone Sunliners
    All I Ask Little John & Tony
    All Turned On Bob Wilson & San Remo Quartet
    All Turned On San Remo Golden Strings
    Am I Glad Now Tamiko Jones
    Amen Amen Rev Columbus Mann
    Angelina Oh Angelina Stewart Ames
    As Long As I Live I Live For You Fantastic Four
    As Long As The Feeling Is There Fantastic Four
    Baby Baby Oh Baby Jimmy Ed Trio
    Baby Boy Juanita Williams
    Baby I Need You Dramatics
    Back Street Edwin Starr
    Back Street inst. Edwin Starr
    Be Adorables
    Big Time Fun Debonaires
    Bingo Dynamics
    Bless You My Love inst. Al Kent Orchestra
    Bless You My Love Flaming Embers
    Can't Get It Out Of My Mind Freddie Gorman
    Can't Let Go Sue Perrin
    Can't Shake It Loose Pat Lewis
    Can't Shake It Loose Diana Ross & Supremes
    Can't Stop Loving You Baby Barbara Mercer
    Can't You Tell By The Look In My Eyes Reflections
    Clickety-Clack Heart Sue Perrin
    COD Collect On Delivery Debonaires
    Comin' At You Reflections
    Concerto For Jazz Lovers Sonny Stitt
    Confessin' My Love To You Chalfontes
    Country Boy Al Kent
    Daddy Please Velvelettes
    Daddy Please Adorables
    Daddy-O Theresa Lindsay
    Deborah Ann Reflections
    Deep Freeze Adorables
    Deeper In Love JJ Barnes
    Deeper In Love Bobby Ward
    Devil In His Eyes Adorables
    Do It part 1 Andre Williams Orchestra
    Do It part 2 Andre Williams Orchestra
    Don't Bring Me Bad News JJ Barnes
    Don't Do That To Me Reflections
    Don't Say You Love Me Until You Do Holly Maxwell
    Don't You Tell A Lie Patti Gilson
    Eenie Meenie Gypsa Leenie Debonaires
    Everything's Gone Wrong Larry Knight & Upsetters
    Eyeballs Frankie Meadows & Meadowlarks
    Family Prayer Rev Columbus Mann
    Festival Time San Remo Golden Strings
    Finders Keepers Al Kent Orchestra
    Fine As Wine Willie Kendrick
    Friday Night Steve Mancha
    Fun To Be Young Magic Tones
    Girl Have Pity Steve Mancha
    Girl Have Pity Fantastic Four
    Girls Are Getting Prettier Edwin Starr
    Givin' Up Your Love Is Like Givin' Up The World Twentie Grans
    Goddess Of Love Fantastic Four
    Gonna Turn The Place Out Reflections
    Good Grease Mark III Trio
    Goose Pimples Shirley J Scott
    G'wan Go On Mark III Trio
    Harlem Edwin Starr
    He Satisfies Me Rev Columbus Mann
    Headline News Edwin Starr
    Headline News inst. Funk Brothers
    Heart Trouble Parliaments
    Hey Barbara Mercer
    Hey Mama What'cha Got Good For Daddy Flaming Embers
    Holding Hands Rose Batiste
    How's Your New Love Treating You Debonaires
    Hungry For Love Jimmy Randazzo
    Hungry For Love San Remo Golden Strings
    Hurt Me Larry Knight & Upsetters
    I Ain't Gonna Do It JJ Barnes
    I Can't Make It Prophets
    I Can't Sit Down Rev Columbus Mann
    I Can't Stop Crying Andre Williams
    I Don't Wanna Lose You Steve Mancha
    I Feel Good All Over Bettye Lavette
    I Have Faith In You Edwin Starr
    I Have Faith In You inst. San Remo Golden Strings
    I Love The Life I Live And Live The Life I Love Tony Michaels
    I Love True Love Carl Carlton
    I Must Love You Melvin Davis
    I Need To Be Needed Steve Mancha
    I Think I Found A Love JJ Barnes
    I'll Bet You Theresa Lindsay
    I'll Bet You Jackson 5
    I'll Love You Forever Holidays
    I'm Gonna Live Up To What She Thinks Fantastic Four
    I'm Just A Henpecked Guy Reflections
    I'm Satisfied San Remo Golden Strings
    I'm Spellbound Tamiko Jones
    In A Bad Way Freddie Gorman
    In A Bad Way Fantastic Four
    Inky Dinky Wang Dang Do Dramatics
    International Love Theme San Remo Golden Strings
    It's My Turn Now Edwin Starr
    It's Worth It All Rev Columbus Mann
    I've Cried My Last Tear Bob Santa Marie
    I've Got A Shadow Dickie & Ebb Tides
    I've Got To Find Myself A True Love inst. Dave Hamilton
    I've Got To Find Myself A True Love Miracles
    I've Got To Have You Fantastic Four
    Joy Bells Rev Columbus Mann
    Joy Road San Remo Golden Strings
    June Bride Reflections
    Just A Little Loving Manhattans
    Just Believe Salvation Is Free Rev Columbus Mann
    Just Dust Sonny Stitt
    Just Like Romeo And Juliet Reflections
    Just The Lonely Fantastic Four
    King For A Day Stewart Ames
    Let's Go Together Pat Lewis
    Let's Have A Love-In Cause Everybody Needs Love Flaming Embers
    Let's Have A Love-In Cause Everybody Needs Love inst. Wingate's Love-In Strings
    Like Columbus Did Reflections
    Lips Jimmy Ed Trio
    Lonely Girl Reflections
    Lonely Girl Shirley J Scott
    Lonely One San Remo Golden Strings
    Lonely One fast version San Remo Golden Strings
    Loose Juice Andre Williams Orchestra
    Love Game From A To Z Royal Jokers
    Love Game From A To Z inst Royal Jokers
    Love Hides All Faults Johnnie Mae Matthews
    Love Is Like A Baseball Game Dick Glass
    Love The Father Has For Me Rev Columbus Mann
    Loving Me Is Like Money In The Bank Willie G
    Loving You Ronnie Savoy
    Luck Walked Through My Door Johnnie Mae Matthews
    Makin' Up Time Holidays
    Man In Love Fantastic Four
    Man To Man Elliot Baron
    Marr's Groove Hank Marr
    Meet Me Half Way Willie G
    Memories Linger Ronnie Savoy
    Monkey See - Monkey Do Roy Handy & Parlettes
    My Darlin Diane Lewis
    My Dear Heart Shawn Robinson
    My Dear Heart inst. Funk Brothers
    My Kind Of Girl Prophets
    My Kind Of Woman Edwin Starr
    My Sophisticated Lady Gino Parks
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    Myto Music ...Part 2

    No Greater Love Holidays
    No Love Like Your Love Fantastic Four
    Nobody Loves You Like Me Barbara Mercer
    Nothing's No Sweeter Than Your Love Carl Carlton
    Oh How Happy Shades Of Blue
    Oh How Happy Chris Clark
    Oh How Happy Billy Eckstine
    Oh How Happy Edwin Starr
    Oh How Happy Edwin Starr & Blinky
    Oh How Happy Jackson 5
    Oh Joshua Rev Columbus Mann
    One Boy One Girl Dickie & Ebbtiders
    Ooh Boy Adorables
    Ooh Pretty Lady Al Kent Orchestra
    Oowee Now Now Reflections
    Our Love Is In The Pocket Darrell Banks
    Our Love Is In The Pocket JJ Barnes
    Our Love Is In The Pocket Detroit Strings
    Picture Me And You Tony Michaels
    Please Don't Say We're Through Debonaires
    Please Let Me Help You Diane Lewis
    Please Let Me In JJ Barnes
    Poor Man's Son Reflections
    Pulling Petals From A Daisy Patti Gilson
    Quanto Sei Bella You Are So Beautiful San Remo Golden Strings
    Real Humdinger JJ Barnes
    Recipe Of Love Sue Perrin
    Romeo And Juliet's 'I Don't Want To Live Without You' Play Fantastic Four
    Say It JJ Barnes
    School's All Over Adorables
    Scott's On Swingers SOS Edwin Starr
    Shades Down Detroit Emeralds
    She's A Real Live Wire Flaming Embers
    Show Time Detroit Emeralds
    Show Time Detroit Emeralds
    So Will I Laura Lee
    Somewhere Dynamics
    Spare Rib Elliot Baron
    Stitt's Groove Sonny Stitt
    Stop Her On Sight SOS Edwin Starr
    Stop Her On Sight SOS Winfield Parker
    Stop Her On Sight SOS Rare Earth
    Stop This Train Mr Conductor Willie Kendrick
    Strong Foundation Debutantes
    Supertime Golden World Strings
    Sweet Little Pussycat Andre Williams Orchestra
    Sweet Sweet Kisses Larry Wright
    Sweetheart Darling Rose Batiste
    Swoop Swoop Sam Bowie & Blue Feelings
    Take Me Back Freddie Gorman
    Talking 'Bout My Baby Gino Parks
    Talking 'Bout My Girl Reflections
    Tennessee Diesel Frankie Meadows & Meadowlarks
    That Was My Girl Parliaments
    That's What He Told Me Rose Batiste
    That's What He Told Me Rita Wright
    The Beginning Of The End Little John & Tony
    The Color Of Our Love Pack
    The Double-O Soul Of Sonny Stitt part 1 Sonny Stitt
    The Double-O Soul Of Sonny Stitt part 2 Sonny Stitt
    The Golden Touch Dick Glass
    The House That Jack Built JJ Barnes
    The Out Crowd Hank Marr
    The Swingin' Kind Sunliners
    The Tears Come Rolling Down Pack
    The Way You've Been Acting Lately Al Kent
    The Way You've Been Acting Lately inst. Al Kent Orchestra
    The Whole World Is A Stage Fantastic Four
    There Can Be Too Much Freddie Gorman
    There Is Nothing Better Than Love Magic Tones
    To Win Your Heart Laura Lee
    Together We Shall Overcome Magic Tones
    Watch Out Girl Holidays
    We Couldn't Make It Like That Reflections
    Wheelin' And Dealin' Reflections
    Where Do I Go From Here Al Kent
    Where Do I Go From Here Four Tops
    White House Party Hank Marr
    Win Or Lose I'm Going To Love You Fantastic Four
    You And I Bob Santa Maria
    You Gave Me Something And Everything's Alright Fantastic Four
    You Gave Me Something And Everything's Alright Diana Ross & Supremes & Temptations
    You Gave Me Something And Everything's Alright Bobby Taylor & Vancouvers
    You Got It And I Want It Andre Williams
    You Knew What You Were Gettin' Juanita Williams
    You Knew What You Were Gettin' Juanita Williams
    You Know I Love You Al Kent
    Your Kind Of Love Reflections
    You're My Mellow Edwin Starr
    You've Got To Pay The Price Al Kent Orchestra
    You've Got To Pay The Price Gloria Taylor
    You've Got To Pay The Price Supremes

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    "Somewhere" by The Dynamics should read as by The Dramatics. It was a misprint on the Wingate Records label.

    "Daddy Please" by The Velvelettes should be listed as "Mama Please" [[the version they recorded), despite "Daddy Please" being the original name of the song published.

    There are several records I have, or have scans and sound files of, which were originally published by Myto Music, that are not on this list [[probably because their rights weren't renewed by either Wingate or Motown).

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    Thanks for the updates Robb

    This is a list I compiled as I could see no other Myto Music list anywhere else on the net and thought others may find it useful...!


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    Quote Originally Posted by grapevine View Post
    Thanks for the updates Robb

    This is a list I compiled as I could see no other Myto Music list anywhere else on the net and thought others may find it useful...!

    Thanks for researching this and publishing it. The Golden World, Ric Tic, Wingate and associated record labels of Eddie Wingate rarely get much coverage on this forum. This will be helpful. Hopefully it will generate more interest in the labels.

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    Good job Grape

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    Great cross reference points for a lot of stuff I use to identify and locate on youtube
    material I've known as early work of George Clinton and his associates. Also Fantastic Four
    and Dramatic releases I previously didn't own. Bonus mentions of the Sonny Stitt stuff of
    which I was completely unaware. Thanks, Grape!..

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    Thanks for posting this list. I've not heard or listened to most of the songs on this list. Hopefully they will turn up on my music streaming service.


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