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    Songs with dances in the title

    Mickey's Monkey
    Twistin' Postman
    Come On Do the Jerk
    Can You Jerk Like Me?

    All of the above songs were original compositions released on various Motown labels, and all contain the names of dances.

    I know there are more. Can you name more songs released by Motown that contain the names of dances that are NOT covers?

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    The Stretch The Contours

    The Camel Walk Saundra Mallet & The Vandellas

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    More from The Contours:
    "The Limbo Is Here To Stay", "Let's Do The Uncle Willie" & "He Couldn't Do The Crossfire [[aka 'He Couldn't Do The Monkey')".
    And: Martha & The Vandellas-"The Jerk"
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    Body Language [[Do the Love Dance)* - The Jackson 5

    *While this choice is arguable, it did spawn a popular dance move called "the Body Language."

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    Mobile Lil the Dancing Witch?

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    The Tighten Up - Archie Bell & the Drells

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    Da Butt by EU
    The Hustle by Van McCoy
    The Walk by The Time [[made up the dance, BTW)
    The Bird by the Time [[made up this one, too)
    Push Push by Brick
    The Twist by Hank Ballard
    Mashed Potato Time by Dee Dee Sharp

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    Off the beaten path, but figured I'd put in my $0.2 : [[Hip-Hop) the Bird Walk - SouljaBoy Tell-em; the Whip; Nae Nae; Dougie - can't recall artists to last 3.

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    Hmm I thought this was a quiz about Motown songs? What Motown label were Archie Bell and Van McCoy on for example?

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    David Ruffin - Me and Rock n roll are here to stay

    Commodores - The Bump

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    "Shake Sherrie" - The Contours
    Any twisty tune by The Twistin' Kings
    "Baby Shake" - Eddie Holland
    "The Jerk" - Martha & The Vandellas

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    Going To A Go-Go- Miracles
    Dancin's Alright - The Miracles
    Wah-Watusi - Miracles
    See Saw - The Contours

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysterysinger View Post
    Hmm I thought this was a quiz about Motown songs? What Motown label were Archie Bell and Van McCoy on for example?
    Mea culpa. Read the title and went to work.

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    Can You Do It - The Contours

    They never found out the name of the dance in the lyrics, so I suppose it could be called "The It".

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    The switcheroo-hank ballard.

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    Not sure about this one, but on listening to The Temptations' "Nursery Rhyme Time", the lyric appears to be about a dance called "The Nursery Rhyme".

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    I thought it was original MOTOWN songs.

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    Another vaulted Motown dance song from the early 60's is Popcorn Wylie's "Goose Wobbling Time".
    [Released on the 2016 Ace compilation "More Motown Guys"]

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    Down And Under When You Limbo - Marvin Gaye

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    "How Funky Is Your Chicken?" by the Jackson 5 from 3rd Album.

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    You don't owe anybody an apology, Jerry. It didn't say only Motown in the title and it
    wasn't even posted in the Motown section. Some of listen to music outside of Motown
    regardless of what favorites we might enjoy within it...


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