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    Emotions Pam Hutchinson dies

    Just heard. Met her when I interviewed the sisters in 1977, all were such sweet ladies. They did one Motown lp but Pam is not on it

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    Oh yeah, I forgot they were on Motown for a spell. I got the news a few hours ago on Facebook! So sad! Two of the few remaining groups (them and the Honey Cone) that werenít missing any members have losses within a week.

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    My partner just told me with some trepidation, since Iíve had such a stressful evening. Lord, make it stop! (Iím okay, peeps, donít worry.) Rest in power, Pam; thank you for everything.

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    So sorry to hear about The Emotions' Pamela Hutchinson. Thanks for the news BayouMotownMan and Rest In Peace Pam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motown Eddie View Post
    So sorry to hear about The Emotions' Pamela Hutchinson. Thanks for the news BayouMotownMan and Rest In Peace Pam.

    If I'm not mistaken, Jeanette is pictured here with Sheila and Wanda. You'll find Pam on the Rejoice cover art.

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    RIP Pam....thanks for all the great music.

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    Can we finish 2020 now please? Every week we seem to lose someone. "Emotions" just about sums up the year. RIP "Blessed" lady.

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    This is easily one of the best pop and R&B albums ever issued. Maurice White really outdid himself. Not one bad cut on it. I especially love Blessed.

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    The really saddest thing about Pam's passing at this time for me is the fact that she
    was the baby of the family and ended up looking the oldest. Another messed up thing
    is the way the news is being reported in various outlets is misleading and will only
    create confusion and discourse I'm sure the family does not want to be a part of.
    She did her best. RIP....

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    I loved this album too, as I did Sunbeam. Walking the Line is one of the greatest soul ballads ever made. I loved Blessed, Flowers, Neighbors--too many to list. Rest in Peace, Pam.

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    Great group! So sad to hear the news. My favorite song was Me and My Honey.

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    My favorite was "So I Can Love You" RIP the music lives on.

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    Rest in Peace, such sad news, what Talent they truly had as a group, they have brought us so much amazing music, which we will never lose.


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