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    Geraldo : the women of Motown

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ryr7_G55ck&t=408s 1990 show with Gladys H, Mable , Martha, Janie, Sylvia, Raynoma ...

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    That is an absolutely wonderful show. How much they loved each other and supported each other and loved Berry. Loved Janie and Syreeta and Martha and all of them. Loved how they were so supportive of Diana and how they talked of how hard she worked.

    Awesome find Luke

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    Lots of intelligent comments with lots of insight; all of these women were remarkable. This was quite something. Everyone should watch it.

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    Now this is the kind of stuff that Motown 25 etc etc should have included...a different take on the story that we have heard year after year after year..all these Motown anniversaries spew the same old story and it gets pretty boring after a while...this was a pure joy to watch...jesus could you imagine the kind of show us fans could put together that would blow old Berry out of the water...I suppose thats what commercialism does for you.

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    Raynoma sure was one to speak her mind, lol!

    Question: "Do you still love him?" (referring to Berry Gordy)
    Raynoma's answer: "NO!!!"

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    Like he couldn’t borrow a few bucks from his family? So he pimps his wife out for $17? I bel that is Wht I heard. That tells me how he valued Miss Ray.

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    I can’t believe Geraldo pushed Raynoma to tell that story. She should have told him to go....

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    I loved her story

    But I loved Syreeta and Janie Bradford and Martha Reeves more

    There was so much love for Motown and Berry and everyone; as I recall, Janie also spoke up very kindly for Diana too

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    I enjoyed that....a lot! thank you...
    it didn't turn out very nice for Ian Levine and many of the acts (107 as he said seems a bit high!) he tried to reintroduce to the listening public....misunderstandings over payment and ego's came into play from what I've read. Many folks had been out of the spotlight and inactive for years, some were not well mentally or physically...and the music was criticized for use of drum machines and synthesizers....Many of the recordings are very good....but many seemingly were focused on a chance HiNRG club hit (where Ian's name was familiar) and the style was far from Detroit....Many were given a late life chance, and made their last recordings for Ian's Motorcity project. I have many in my collection

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    I watched this the other day. What a great show.
    I loved to hear the different stories.

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    Wow, what a treat this is. An absolutely treasure.


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