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    This soul song we made got us into a local secret jazz club, idk how, this aint jazz

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    It ain't soul either

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    What is it then

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    Quote Originally Posted by kygholiday View Post
    What is it then
    Aren't you missing a question mark?...

    Anyway, I'll tell you exactly what it is. It's an attempt to introduce to this forum some
    new music which you probably believe to be "incredible" or some other adjective which
    is why the concocted story about the jazz club. Nothing wrong with trying to get folks
    to check out new music but I'll bet ten dollars to a donut that never happened...There are probably dozens of mugs that would agree with you about the recording you selected
    but I don't if you'd find many of them here...Electronica doesn't rate high round these parts, not even mixed in jazz, funk or real soul. But good luck, kid...

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    I don't really know what genre it is. (notwithstanding whatever "ambient cloud hip hop" is ) Not my kind of jam. But I do know thatís it's not soul, not to me anyway.

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