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    Sisters Love - With Love

    Sisters Love didn't have an album released on the Mowest label but this was rectified in 2010 with the Reel Music issue of "With Love" on CD. This contained several unreleased and bonus tracks and much sought after these days.
    1 Communication 2:43
    2 Mr. Fix-It Man 3:03
    3 You've Got My Mind 3:47
    4 Fast Mack 2:18
    5 Sweet Inspiration 3:29
    6 Just A Little Misunderstanding 2:44
    7 I'm Learning To Trust My Man 3:17
    8 Do What You Gotta Do 5:41
    9 You've Got Make The Choice 3:12
    10 Turn On Your Lovelight 2:31
    11 Giving Up 3:44
    12 Give Me Your Love 4:21
    13 My Love Is Yours ('Til The End Of Time) 3:30
    14 I Ain't That Easy To Lose 4:29
    15 (I Could Never Make) A Better Man Than You 2:38

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    Great CD. 'Do What You Gotta Do' one of my fav's.

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    Not true as Soul Jazz Records got there first in 2006 when they issued the album called 'Give Me Your Love'. 6 tracks were duplicated so you need to buy both CD's!


    Disc: 1
    1. Give Me Your Love
    2. My Love Is Yours
    3. Ring Once
    4. Mr Fix It
    5. You've Got To Make Your Choice
    6. You've Got My Mind
    7. Now Is the Time
    8. Forget It, I Got It
    9. Ha Ha Ha
    10. I Know You Love Me
    11. Try It, You'll Like It
    12. Rise
    13. Blackbird
    14. I'm Learning To Trust My Man
    15. This Time Tomorrow
    16. The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall)

    This one includes their A&M and Manchild recordings.

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    "Give Me Your Love" was simply a compilation of their released material rather than a Mowest recorded album.

    "With Love" features all their Mowest/Motown recordings (as listed on DFTMC) with the exception of "Try It, You'll Like It" but you'll have that on the Complete Motown Singles 12B (if not also on "Give Me Your Love").
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    I've downloaded that With Love album and I can tell you, it's full of tunes, phew!!!! Fantastic 70s Motown soul and funk.

    However as mystery says it does FAIL to include "Try It, You'll Like It" which IS PURE MADNESS! Anyone know why???

    I don't have the Give Me Your Love compilation but would be interested in it to get their non-Motown tracks too. If I remember correctly I think they had a slightly different lineup pre-Motown.
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    I saw Sisters Love live in Manchester in 1972 when they supported the Jackson 5. I know they were good but I can't remember what they sang other than "Mr Fix It Man". Similar story with most the shows I've been to really - for Thelma Houston in 72 I can only really remember "No One's Gonna Be A Fool Forever" but she certainly made an impression and that song I've loved ever since then.

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    I was there too...Belle Vue.

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    Yes Belle Vue - sadly missed.

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    Just bought the Mowest CD above..thanks for thread about this

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    It's a great CD. Enjoy.


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