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    Blinky 2 CD Set On The Way From Real Gone Music??

    I've seen a post on Facebook with an indication from Gordon Anderson, a partner in Real Gone Music, that a Blinky release is on the way later this year. It will be a double CD with 14 unreleased tracks.

    We've heard it before but there are high hopes for this one.

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    That's good news.

    Do any of you use the suggestion box on the Real Gone Music site? I've never received a reply to any of my suggestions - I guess that's a sign that there's not a hope in hell that Real Gone will re-release any of them.

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    Hi all, Joe from The Second Disc here. Yes, Blinky is very much in the works, and that is the initial plan, though the specifics could change. All will be revealed much closer to the release date. TSD and Real Gone just announced our unreleased Bobby Darin at Motown package which we are incredibly excited about, and we have a couple of other surprises scheduled before Blinky which we hope youíll enjoy.

    In the meantime, thanks for your support and we hope you dig the Darin set. The CD shows a completely different side of Darin, and trust me, the unreleased songs by Smokey, Ashford & Simpson and The Corporation (a number of which werenít recorded by any other artists) must be heard to be believed! This is the real deal.

    As far as suggestions go, the fine folks at RGM do read each and every suggestion, as do we at The Second Disc if you use our contact form. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SecondDiscJoe View Post
    Hi all, Joe from The Second Disc here. Yes, Blinky is very much in the works, .......and we have a couple of other surprises scheduled before Blinky which we hope youíll enjoy.
    Thank you!
    A couple of other surprises: Wow! Can't wait, but will have to. Please, keep'em comin'.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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    Thanks for the heads up Joe. This all sounds really exciting - so much to look forward to. Wonder if there's any sign of a Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons unreleased Motown set (well it's around the same period as the one from Bobby Darin).

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    Blinky finally freed!!! This is fantastic news!!!

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    At long last!!!! This really is exciting news. Blinky is my favourite motown female singer after Diana. It's a crime she is not better known. Did not expect a double cd.

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    Exciting times - 4 projects from Real Gone, plus more coming from ACE, plus Supremes Holland Dozier Holland Expanded lurking somewhere plus Reflections Expanded, plus Culture Factory, plus Elemental, plus Oldays plus ........? Whoah - that bank account is going to be much lighter before this year is out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysterysinger View Post
    plus Reflections Expanded
    Is that release on its way shortly? I can't imagine seeing it until at least a year from now. Hopefully I'm wrong.

    Looking forward to the Blinky set!
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    As regards "Reflections" expanded I get the impression that work is quite well advanced but then HDH seems to have been lost from Amazon for the time being so who can tell?

    The releases from Real Gone seem like they will be in 2018, being Bobby Darin, surprise 1, surprise 2 and then Blinky. I will have to have them all on CD so it will cost me but I'm expecting good things and I've no doubt it'll all be worth it. I hope the well never runs dry lol.

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    I am glad to hear this!!!!! I would love to have all of Blinky's Motown recordings. I really hope this happens!

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    "Funny Girl" on physical CD?

    A girl can dream.....

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    I'm so excited now. Maybe Ivy Jo Hunter after. A guy can dream.😌😌😌😌

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    Yes, please free Blinky from the vaults! I'd love to hear what she recorded in her Motown days.

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    This release is referred to in the Adam White thread.

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    Junior Walkers 70s albums would be great releases, been hoping these would be picked up for some time.

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    The Originals albums fof me😉

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakepit View Post
    The Originals albums fof me��
    Yes I'd love to have "Naturally Together" and "Definitions" on CD to go with the others I have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysterysinger View Post
    Yes I'd love to have "Naturally Together" and "Definitions" on CD to go with the others I have.
    @mysterysinger, are some of the later Motown LPs available on CD? I didn't think they were.

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    At long last! Iíve been eagerly waiting for a Blinky set for a long time. I think itís criminal she didnít have even minor success at Motown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
    @mysterysinger, are some of the later Motown LPs available on CD? I didn't think they were.
    Hi kenneth, The Originals' California Sunset and Down To Love Town albums are both available on CD

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    The Originals Motown albums I have on CD are -

    Green Grow The Lilacs / Baby I'm For Real (on US Motown and Japanese CD)
    Portrait Of The Originals (on US Motown and Japanese CD)
    California Sunset (BBR)
    Down To Love Town (BBR)

    Leaving 4 to receive a CD release
    Naturally Together
    Game Called Love
    & Communique

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    I would hope for some unreleased tracks as bonus to the albums from Originals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakepit View Post
    I would hope for some unreleased tracks as bonus to the albums from Originals.
    Is that a hope or a "Suspicion"?

    Yes I suspect there could be several Originals tracks in those vaults. I would still welcome straight releases for "Naturally Together" and "Definitions" if we can't have expanded versions. We will buy them, so come on Motown or Real Gone, BBR or Elemental or even Culture Factory (a mini-disc would be heaven) - surely it can be done.

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    Very good!!
    Would welcome anything but NT and D would be ideal.

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    @mysterysinger and @tomatotom123, thanks for the information. Those sound definitely worth seeking out.

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    No problem kenneth, they are great albums! By the way, check your private messages

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    Not forgetting the 3 CD collections - Superstar Series, The Very Best Of and the Essential Collection --

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    Supremes HDH expanded on Amazon. Just checked. “June 29”

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    The following albums seem to have been scheduled on Blinky but remain unreleased:

    (712) Motown MS712 - Sunny & Warm (1970) also un-issued as Soul SS-735
    (track list from BSNPUBS) -

    I Wouldn't Change The Man He Is
    Rescue Me
    How You Gonna Keep It
    This Man Of Mine [#]
    It's Gonna Be Always
    How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone [#]
    Shine On Me [#]
    For Once In My Life [#]
    I'll Always Love You
    Is There A Place In His Heart For Me [#]
    This Time Last Summer
    Your Love Was Worth Waiting For [#]

    (111) Mowest MW111 - Blinky (1972)

    (770) Motown M-770L Softly (1973)

    and according to DFTMC here are the tracks recorded by Blinky..

    (CF3) Can I Get A Witness [recorded ? - issued Cellarful 3]
    (712) For Once In My Life [recorded 1969 - Sunny & Warm Unreleased]
    (CMS) For Your Precious Love [recorded 1972 - TCMS12a]
    (K2K) God Bless The Child [recorded 1970 - The Key To The Kingdom]
    (UR#) He's Gone / For Your Precious Love [recorded ? - unreleased #]
    (UR#) He's Got Me Going [recorded ? - unreleased #]
    (UR#) His Love Will Always Be [recorded ? - unreleased #]
    (712) How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone [recorded 1969 - Sunny & Warm Unreleased]
    (712) How You Gonna Keep It (After You Get It) [recorded 1968 - TCMS10]
    (MMT)Hunter Gets Captured By The Game, The [recorded 1969 - Motown Sings Motown Treasures]
    (LIV) I Can't Turn You Loose [recorded live 1969 - Motortown Revue]
    (712) I Wouldn't Change The Man He Is [recorded 1968 - TCMS08]
    (712) I'll Always Love You [recorded 1968 - TCMS08]
    (712) Is There A Place (In His Heart For Me) [recorded 1969 - Sunny & Warm Unreleased]
    (712) It's Gonna Be Always [recorded 1969 - Cellarful 4]
    (CMS)Money (That's What I Want) [recorded 1972 - TCMS12a]
    (712) Rescue Me [recorded 1969 - Cellarful 2]
    (712) Shine On Me [recorded 1969 - Sunny & Warm Unreleased]
    (LSB) T'ain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do [recorded 1972 - Lady Sings The Blues]
    (712) This Man Of Mine [recorded 1969 - Sunny & Warm Unreleased]
    (712) This Time Last Summer [recorded 1969 - TCMS10]
    (770) What More Can I Do [recorded 1973 - Mowest 5033Fb]
    (770) You Get A Tangle In Your Lifeline [recorded 1973 - Reader's Digest Soul Sisters]
    (712) Your Love Was Worth Waiting For [recorded 1979 - Sunny & Warm Unreleased]

    Hopefully, the new CD set will incorporate "Sunny & Warm" in its entirety which will mean that the 6 unreleased tracks from it will see release and given that the early indications are 14 unreleased tracks will be on the new set, then that would leave 8 more for issue soon.

    There are then 3 tracks listed on DFTMC that are not on Sunny & Warm that remain unreleased [#] so these could possibly take up 3 of the 14 although the song titles might suggest a gospel project?

    That would leave 5 tracks unreleased and not shown on TCMS (obviously these assumptions could be wildly wrong). Any guesses as to the remaining 5 unreleased Blinky tracks that should soon see the light of day?
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    Any update on a release date for this welcome Blinky collection at all?
    Any news greatly appreciated.

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    Think it will be very late on but this year.


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