The Fresando’s changed their name to the Five Masters before transforming into The Four Holidays - the advert for their gig at the Webbwood Inn is from May 1964. The Caprees recorded in Mississippi before recording for Golden World Records in Detroit.


“I Lost You”

There were numerous US groups called The Holidays. These are the various recordings by the Detroit ones:
Label Group’s Name Song tiles m/y
Star-X 501 (1) Fresando’s I Mean Really / Your Last Goodbye 1957
Bumble Bee (1) Five Masters We Are Like One / Cheap Skate 1958
Penthouse 9357 (2) Royal Holidays Margaret / I’m Sorry (I Did You Wrong) 1958
Carlton 472 (2) Royal Holidays Margaret / I’m Sorry (I Did You Wrong) 1958
Herald 536 (2) Royal Holidays Down In Cuba / Swingin’ At The Bandstand 1959
Buccaneer 502 (13) Caprees If I Should Lose You / Where There’s a Will 1962
Markie 109 (3) Four Hollidays Step By Step / Grandma Bird 1962
Markie 115 (3) Four Hollidays I’ll Walk Right Out The Door / I Won’t Need You 9/1963
Markie 115 (3) Four Hollidays I’ll Walk Right Out The Door / I Can’t Wait 9/1963
Master 3001/2 (3) 4 Hollidays Deep Down I My Heart / He Can’t Love You 2/1964
Holliday 4013 / 14 (4) Hollidays Set Me On My Feet Right / Happy Young Man 1964
SYCO 2001 Jimmy Holland Sugar Baby / More Sugar Baby (Instrumental) 3/1965
Blue Rock 4036 Jimmy Holland Baby Don’t Leave Me / As Long As I Have You 1965
Markie 121 Jimmy Holland I Can’t Wait / Sugar Baby (Sweeter Than Candy) 1965
Golden World 36 (5) Holidays I’ll Love You Forever / Makin’ Up Time (Instrumental) 3/1966
Golden World 47 (5A) Holidays No Greater Love / Watch Out Girl 8/1966
Revilot 205 (6) Holidays Love’s Creeping Up On Me / Never Alone 2/1967
Revilot 210 (7) Holidays I Know She Cares / I Keep Holding On 9/1967
Groove City 206 (8) Hollidays Easy Living / I Lost You 1968
Revilot 226 (9) Holidays All That Is Required (Is You) / I’ll Keep Coming Back 2/1969
Soul Hawk 1008 (10) New Holidays Maybe So Maybe No / If I Only Knew 1969
Westbound 157 (10 B) New Holidays Maybe So Maybe No / My Baby Ain’t No Play Thing 1969
Marathon 257 (11) Fabulous Holidays Too Many Times/ I’m So Glad 1972
Marathon 18475 (11) Holidays Gettin Kind of Serious / Gettin Kind of Serious (Inst.) 1973
Marathon 18475 (11) Holidays Ego Tripping / Lady Day 1973
Rob-Ron 75 (12) Holidays This Is Love / The Love We Share 10/1975
Ron-Hol 76 (12) Holidays Procrastinate (Why Do We) / Instrumental 5/1976
Marathon 440 (11 - 12) Holiday Getting Kind of Serious / Procrastinate (Why Do We) 1980

Below are the group members on the above recordings.

Group Members
1 Cleo “Sonny” Barksdale, Robert Barksdale, James Holland, Jesse Ledbetter and Aaron Little
2 Charles Farley, Kenneth Fuqua, Chester Scott, Jerry Wallace and Vernon Williams
3 Cleo “Sonny” Barksdale, Robert Barksdale, James Holland and Johnny Mitchell
4 Cleo “Sonny” Barksdale, Robert Barksdale, James Holland and James Shorter
5 Maurice Tony Gray, Tony Hester, Willie “Butch” Jackson and Robert “Earl” Johnson: led by Edwin Starr
5A Eddie Anderson, Maurice Tony Gray, Willie “Butch” Jackson and Robert “Earl” Johnson
6 Eddie Anderson, Robert “Earl” Johnson and Leon Ware
7 Unknown
8 Steve Mancha
9 Joe Billingslea, Jack Holland, James Holland and Maurice Wise
10 Jack Holland, James Holland and Maurice Wise
10B Willie Harvey, Hershel Hunter, Bobby Martin and Fletcher
11 Jack Holland, James Holland, Maurice Wise and James Reed
12 Jack Holland, James Holland and James Reed led on Procrastinate. Ronald Scrutchins
13 Maurice Tony Gray, Charles “Chuck” Guy, Willie ”Butch” Jackson and Robert “Earl” Johnson

Selected CDs. Please drop us a line of you know of any others.

Company & Number

CD Title

Song Title

Connoisseur VSOP 287

Detroit Soulman

Easy Living

Goldmine GSCD 53

The Solid Hitbound Story

I Lost You


Groovesville Review Vol. 3

Watch Out

Goldmine GSCD 69

Thelma Detroit Collective

I’ll Love You Forever

Goldmine GSCD 70

Totally Solid Hitbound

Never Alone I Lost You


Detroit Floor Fillers

Makin’ Up Time

Below is a audio index of recordings.  Click the little sound icon [] to hear a cut from each.
Title Ref.
Maybe So Maybe No 1
I’ll Love You Forever
Your Last Goodbye 2
We Are Like One
I’m Sorry 3
Down In Cuba
James Holland 4
I’ll Walk Right Out The Door
James Holland 5
Deep Down In My Heart
James Holland 6
Set Me On My Feet Right
James Holland 7
Sugar Baby
Maurice Tony Gray 8
I’ll Love You Forever
Maurice Tony Gray 9
No Greater Love
Maurice and Elsie Gray 10
Love’s Creeping On Me
Steve Mancha 11
Easy Living
James Holland 12
All That Is Required
James Holland 13
Maybe So Maybe No
James Holland 14
Getting Kind Of Serious
James Holland 15
The Love We Share
I Lost You 16
Your Last Goodbye 17
I Mean Really 18
We Are Like One 19
Cheap Skate 20
Margaret 21
I’m Sorry (I Did You Wrong) 22
Down In Cuba 23
Swingin’ At The Bandstand 24
If I Should Lose You 25
Step By Step 26
Grandma Bird 27
I’ll Walk Right Out The Door 28
Deep Down In My Heart 29
He Can’t Love You 30
Set Me On My Feet Right 31
Happy Young Man 32
Sugar Baby 33
Baby Don’t Leave Me 34
As Long As I Have You 35
I’ll Love You Forever 36
Makin’ Up Time 37
No Greater Love 38
Watch Out 39
Love’s Creeping Up On Me 40
Never Alone 41
I Know She Cares 42
I Keep Holding On 43
Easy Living 44
I Lost You 45
Al That I Required (Is You) 46
Maybe So Maybe No 47
If I Only Knew 48
My Baby Ain’t No Play Thing 49
I’m So Glad 50
Too Many Times 51
Getting Kind of Serious 52
Ego Tripping 53
The Love We Share 54
Lazy Days 55
Procrastinate (Why Do We) 56

 I wish to thank the following Detroiters for patiently answering my questions and giving me an insight into Detroit’s rich musical history: Elsie Baker, Ron Banks, Robert Barksdale, J. J. Barnes, Armen Boladian, Frank Bryant, Dennis Coffey, Don Davis, Melvin Davis, Will Davis, Frank Garcia, Wilburt Jackson, Tony Gray, Diane Hogan, Joe Hunter, Don Mancha, Thomas Mealy, Carlis Monroe, Sam Motley, Ron Murphy, William “Sonny” Sanders, Betty Worley, V.C. Veasey, Vernon Williams, Clyde Wilson (aka Steve Mancha) and Richard “Popcorn” Wylie

Many thanks go to collectors Bob Abrahamian, Carl Pellegrino, Joe Moorehouse, Ron Murphy and Naoya Yamauchi for kindly providing record-label scans and audio files. Richard Johnson supplied the 1966 Revilot advert and doo-wop aficionado Nikki Gustafson graciously gave her information on The Royal Holidays’ career.

My main interviews with James Holland were on August 4th, 1998 and February 8th, 1999. The interview with Tony Gray and Elsie Baker was on January 24th, 1998, and Steve Mancha’s was on October 17th that same year.


Researched and written by Graham Finch


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