The Robert West Story
Silhouette Records




Willie Schofield

Although there were many labels operating in Detroit in the mid-fifties, the bulk of the market was in the hands of Jack and Devora Brown over at Fortune.

However, a new contender was emerging in the form of Robert West who was in his mid-forties when he formed his first record label. 

In the Business Pages number 18657 James Couzens was listed as a "Recording Service" which suggests he had put together some kind of studio.

Silhouette would provide approximately seven or eight releases in it's short life, the best of which was by local group, The Falcons. Number 521/522 was "Sent up"/"Can this be Christmas". Both sides were produced by Robert as was most of his product over the years. The top side was written by Falcon's guitarist Lance Finnie; the flip side by bass singer Willie Schofield.

The Falcons had formed in 1956 and were initially a mixed race group. By the time of the Silhouette recording however they had a formidable line up which also included West's nephew Eddie Floyd, Joe Stubbs and Mack Rice. West was their Manager.

The Falcons would go on to great things but Silhouette's other artists sank without trace. They were the Valdoros, the Classmates, Jan Wynn, the Vo-cals and Jim Beasley & the Charmers.

Notes thanks to David Meikle



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