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    Ralph Terrana Is Coming Home!! [Pics added]

    Our Soulful Detroit leader, Ralph Terrana, is coming home and here's how we're going to celebrate this long awaited event: On Wednesday, October 13th Detroit will welcome Ralph to NORTHERN LIGHTS LOUNGE located at 660 Baltimore between 2nd and 3rd Streets. W.Baltimore is two blocks south of West Grand Blvd. Dennis Coffey goes on at 8pm so bring your dancing shoes! The food is inexpensive and very good. Here's who will be joining us to welcome Ralph home: Kim Weston, Millie and Norma from the Velvelettes, Melvin Davis, McKinley Jackson, Gil Bridges, June Jones [[Uriel's wife), James Jamerson, Jr., Ed Wolfrum, Clay MacMurray, and other friends/fans of Ralphie-Boy! Hope to see a lot of you Soulful Detroiters there too!!

    Millie Coffey

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    Hey little sister, you beat me to the punch. Yeah, I'm coming home. It will be so good to see all of you once again. See you soon, Millie.

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    Surely Millie and Norma from the Velvelettes will be on their way to the UK for the Weekender that starts on the Thursday.

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    thats my birthday!so how about an invite?oh and flight tickets?..........................well can you at least think about it?

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    I'm gonna do my best to be there! We've got a show Thursday night, and I'm not sure when we're leaving again, but if time permits I'll absolutely be there.

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    Happy birthday. Regarding the flight tickets...I'll think about it. That is the best I can do.

    Hope you can make it.

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    my birthday is on the 13th ralph!
    have a good night!

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    Tell Detroit I said "Hi".

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    The 13th, Tamla? Oh darn, I don't start thinking about things until the 14th..

    Will do Doug.

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    Make sure you play some funky keyboards while you're home, Ralph. It looks like the party going to be great. Have a safe trip and enjoy.

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    Thanks Chris. I'll see what pops up.

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    Ralph are you going to go by your old High School?

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    I'm going to try, Marv. I went to two high schools. Cass Tech and Henry Ford. I went by both of them the last time I was home.

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    if you're going back to detroit,where have you been living?all this time i thought thats where you were!

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    Ralph, they built something like an annex to Cass sitting behind the old high school. They are spending something like $30 million to renovate my old high school down in Toledo. Things will not be like they use to. Well I am sure you have your own personal neighborhood haunts. Just enjoy yourself and maybe take a few pictures?

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    I have been living in Monterey, California for the past 32 years. I still consider Detroit my home though.

    I'll be taking pictures.

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    you're going to need a coat ralph!

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    I just talked with my son-in-law and he told me it was 75 degrees. Believe me, Jesse and I want weather where coats are needed. We want to experience real midwest fall weather.

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    Haha I'm sure you know from experience that you might want to book it before winter though Ralph.

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    We get snow and it gets cold here in New York, but not like in Michigan. Darn it, I am getting home sick now LOL! Tell 'em Ralph, we grew up in the cold! hehehehehehehe.........

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    The amazing thing there, Marv, is Jesse and I seem to miss it at times. Go figure.

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    Jesse is concerned that Detroit will be too warm. She is already talking about re-thinking what she has packed for the trip. I told her to sit tight. It can all change in a heart beat.

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    I wish I could make this. Hey Ralph you going to look at the old Tera Shirma building??

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    Now I'm really home. And I came back with a case of the flu. Detroit was a blast and seeing some of my old friends at Northern Lights and being able to listen to Dennis Coffey work out was a pure treat. It is good to be home though.

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    No I didn't get over to see the TS building. I didn't even get to Motown this time around.

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    Ralph, it wasn't even cold yet was it?

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    No, marv. The weather was great.

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    A little late but here are some highlights...

    The night's celebrities Ralph and the lovely Jesse...

    Being entertained by the always superlative Dennis Coffey...

    While the girls are still falling for sound engineer legend Ed Wolfrum...

    At the Northern Lights bar...

    Where Millivanilli and Dennis strike a pose...

    Meanwhile the SoulfulDetroit.com brain trust [lol] tries to figure out why Lowell's new camera won't flash Ralph and Lowell. [Poor thing probably didn't want to break]. Oh wait. It just flashed.

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    Great pics Lowell and thanks for sharing them!!!

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    Thanks for posting the pics, Lowell. I'll post some of mine and as soon as I figure out what I'm doing wrong to I'll do just that. I may have to give you a call. Meanwhile, It was good to be able to sit and chat with you about a variety of matters other than the forum's business. I'd like to do that again, sometime.

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    Ralph's Trip to Detroit

    What's the deal with all the wrinkles on my neck? I look like a frickin' chicken!! When did we get old? Why did we get old? Wah...I've got a chicken neck!!! I'M SOOO DEPRESSED I COULD HAVE MYSELF FOR THANKSGIVING DINNER!!!

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    uptight Guest
    Cool! Sorry I missed everyone at Northern Lights Lounge; glad you all had a good time. I just got here in the D yesterday [[Friday) for my mom's surprise birthday party on Saturday and will visit for a week.

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    Give it a rest. You're as beautiful as ever. Now me....I look like an old grizzled prospector looking for my mule.

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    ....you still got your pony tail?

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    Yes I do, Doug. Once a hippie, always an old hippie.

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    phyl Guest
    you all look like good pepele who be fun to drinkk and party with. i love drinking andparyting to that good motown music.

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    Yes they do, don't they?

    I was asking because it didn't show in the pictures. In the picture the paper posts with my blog, mine doesn't show either.....

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    Aha! You have one also, Doug?

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    Yup. Started growing it in '95 when we had the radio station.

    Name:  Shirk_Doug_1_t80.jpg
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Size:  3.1 KB

    Sorry, no back view.....

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    Very good, Doug. It sure cuts down on the need to get a haircut.


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