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    Hey, can you turn on the avatar feature?

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    Sorry to disappoint on that one, but click My Profile and add your lovely pic there!

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    What is an avatar?

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    ...a pic ...that represents you ...your mugshot ...a fave diva ...LP cover ...anything...!

    I cannot add an avatar to my profile ...in fact I cannot edit my profile at all ...right now...!

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    We will have a few bumps to go. click my name to view my profile.

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    pshark Guest
    testing 1 2 3
    Hmm, avatar didn't appear

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    lobo ...strange things are happening ...I thought I hadn't added an avatar ...but on one screen it said ...check your message as others see it ...and there was my avatar ...???

    ...here I'm shown as a senior member ...but if I try to edit my profile ...it still says I'm a junior member ...???

    ...I check a forum ...and my message[[s) aren't shown ...then I check the 'posted in the last 24 hours' facility ...and there are my messages ...???

    ...can I please see all my messages as others see them...???

    ...I know ...life's too short...!!!

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    Why can't we have an avatar shown on all our posts below our forum names? That's standard for all these "modern" types of forum programmes.

    By rob_k at 2010-08-03

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    Hi Robb, it seems that you got it !

    I tried to put a picture then I had "Upload failed due to failure writing temporary file" [[???)

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    Quote Originally Posted by phil View Post
    Hi Robb, it seems that you got it !
    Naaah! he's been adding a pic with every post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulster View Post
    Naaah! he's been adding a pic with every post.

    O.K I got it !


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