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    'American Idol' rumors: Could Aretha Franklin, Charlie Sheen, Mariah Carey or Kanye W


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    Could they become "American Idol" judges? Clockwise from top left, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Charlie Sheen and Kanye West. / Free Press wire services

    By Omari Sankofa II

    Detroit Free Press Special Writer


    "American Idol" is in disarray. After a season that saw a 25% decline in viewership, judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are out the door. There is also talk that Randy Jackson could find himself in a new role next season. The show is searching for new talent at the judging table, and many singers and celebrities are throwing in their hat. Here are four celebrities that would do a more-than-adequate job at the judging table.
    Aretha Franklin

    The Queen of Soul is a very likely choice for one of the judge’s seats.She has already expressed interest, and she would give the show a vast wealth of experience. And it doesn’t hurt that she is one of the greatest singers in recent music history. A Rolling Stone list named her the greatest singer of all time, beating out legends such as Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, John Lennon, and Elvis Presley. Aretha Franklin would bring a nurturing, calm, and prestigious presence to the show
    Charlie Sheen

    The “Two and a Half Men” star seems like a less likely option. Though he is “genuinely interested,” he doesn’t come from a music background. However, Sheen has the potential to bring more popularity to the show. Five and a half million million viewers tuned into the premiere of his new sitcom “Anger Management,” making it the highest viewed sitcom premiere in the history of FX Network. He’s a good bet to bring Idol back to its past glory. And it doesn’t hurt that Sheen is guaranteed to entertain "Idol" fans with his wild antics.
    Mariah Carey

    The Grammy-winning artist is rumored to be under consideration for one of the spots. And for good reason: she has more No. 1 singles than any other solo artist. Carey would likely bring hit-making know-how to the panel. But, similar to Jennifer Lopez, it is possible that Carey could be too nice to the performers. If surrounded by the right people, this problem would be neutralized. One person who could fix this issue is…
    Kanye West

    Is there a bigger star in rap music today? Mr. West would not only bring experience, but his large ego and persona. West would have no problem with stating his opinion, and this would give the show an edge it hasn’t had since Simon Cowell left. And he has a good ear for music: his production credits range from Ray Charles to Kid Charlemagne to Nina Simone. He also has something to prove: after many incidents with the media, the "Idol" gig would go a long way towards rehabbing his image. Like Cowell, West could be the guy we all love to hate.
    Who would you most like to see as an "American Idol" judge?

    Aretha Franklin
    Mariah Carey
    Kanye West
    Charlie Sheen
    I don't care. I haven't watched "American Idol" in years.
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    If Charlie were to be a judge, I think the show would become all about him and would lose its focus on the contestants. I have no problem with any of the other three. What about the Adam Lambert rumor? When I heard that, I thought it was a great idea because he would be able to relate to the contestants due to being closer to their ages and having gone through the process.


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