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Thread: Best R&B songs

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    Best R&B songs

    I want a list of the best R&B songs from the 80s & 90s, i also like the hits but add on some rare & unknown tunes as well. As compositions that are mind blowing if u help that would be great

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldspice676 View Post
    I want a list of the best R&B songs from the 80s & 90s, i also like the hits but add on some rare & unknown tunes as well. As compositions that are mind blowing if u help that would be great
    There will be no consensus. You know that, right?

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    Princess - Say Im Your Number One
    Steve Arrington - Feel So Real
    Colonel Abrams - Trapped
    Five Star - Find the Time
    Anita Baker - Same Ole Love
    Ruby Turner Bye Bye Baby
    Janet jackson - Pleasure principle [[shep pettibone "12)
    Jody Watley - Lookin For A New Love/Dont You Want Me
    Shalamar - Night To Remember
    The Jets - Rocket 2 U
    Ardijah - Watchin You
    The Boys - Dial My heart
    Shanice - I Love Your Smile
    Lionel ritchie - My destiny
    Bobby Brown - Dont Be Cruel
    Gwen Guthrie - Aint Nothin Goin On But The Rent
    Cameo - Word Up/Single Life/Candy
    Mai Tai - History
    Denise laselle _ My Toot Toot
    Jermaine Stewart- We Dont Have To/Say It Again
    Whitney Houston - Thinking About You/For The Love Of You
    Lisa Lisa - Lost in Emotion
    Prince - When Doves Cry
    TLC - What About Your friends
    Luther Vandross - Give Me The Reason
    Dionne Warwick -Heartbreaker
    ..Just some of my favs

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    It Could Have Been You/Gwen Guthrie
    Dont Fight The Feeling/Enchantment
    Passionate Breezes/Dells

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    This list is endless. I'll go for a very few to start:
    Over and Over - Shalamar
    Let Me Put Love On Your Mind - Con Funk Shun
    Always and Forever - Heatwave
    It's All The Way Live - Lakeside
    Try Again - Champaign
    Always and Forever - Heatwave
    Sweet Love - Anita Baker
    Weak At The Knees - Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame
    Freaky Dancing - Cameo
    Uptown - Prince
    Human Nature - Michael Jackson
    You Give Good Love - Whitney Houston
    I'll Make Love to You - Boyz II Men
    Aphrodesia - Alexander O'Neal
    When I Think of You - Janet Jackson
    Saturday Love - Alexander O'Neal/Janet Jackson
    Send for Me - Atlantic Starr

    I could literally go all night with my songs for this topic. I could probably come up with at least five more songs for most of the artists above and more in the cases of Cameo, Con Funk Shun, Heatwave, Alexander O'Neal, and Lakeside.
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    I don't well understand what it should be considered "R & B" when I see some simply disco-oriented stuff, less feeling, without any soulful value stuff is mentioned [[of course this is IMHO).

    Anyway, despite the fact that in general aspects, I lost my interest in "soul / R&B" published after 1976, there are some soulful 80's - 90's material I likes a lot [[for me the exceptions that confirm the rule):

    - Curtis Mayfield: "Homeless"
    - Billy Paul: "Sexual Therapy"
    - Billy Paul: "Wide Open"
    - Marvin Gaye: "Sanctified Lady"
    - Gene Dunlap & The Ridgeways: "Rock Radio" / "That's The Way I Feel It"
    - George Benson: "Give Me The Night"
    - Quincy Jones: "Ai No Corrida"
    - Melba Moore: "Love Is Comin' At Ya"
    - Lakeside: "Your Love Is On The One"
    - Paul Hardcastle: "Ypo're My Number One"
    - O'Jays: "Don't Take Your Love Away"
    - O'Jays: "Love Fever"
    - Montana: "Heavy Vibes"
    - Incognito: "Parisienne Girl"
    - US 3: "Cantalope"
    - Carmen Lundy: "You're Not In Love"

    ... this is simply the ones that comes to my mind at this moment [[there are much more "exceptions" in the "insipid not soulful" panorama in these two decades...)


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    Shirley Jones - Do You Get Enough Love

    Bloodstone - We Go A Long Way Back

    Larry Graham - Just Be My Lady

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    Debra Laws - Very Special

    Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots

    Carrie Lucas - Show Me Where You're Coming From

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    Perhaps not that well known to an North American audience, 80's British R&B group, Loose Ends are a standout! Originally known as Loose End, they eventually added an "s" to their name. They recorded several albums in their original three member format and perhaps their most famous recording is "Slow Down." Well worth checking out on Youtube.

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    Oldspice676 , the list of tracks you would get from this forums members would be infinate. The "Hits" are one thing ,but what would be called album cuts and singles of that "Best " title ,would out number hits 2 to 1. This is an interesting question , let me go and prepare my list....

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